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Thanks for reading this page about both me and what I offer my clients. I am 48, fit and healthy and I love giving sensual pleasure to my clients, both male and female. I believe that the human body is a beautiful object and should be pampered and treated with love and affection, something which many men today simply do not receive.

Using my skills as a Tantric therapist I enjoy the sheer sensuality of giving uninhibited pleasure to my clients, helping them to appreciate their own bodies and removing any doubts they may have had about being naked with another man, me!

My tantric massage will begin with a brief introductory chat with the client, following which he will shower and then join me in the Tantric temple. Using breathing exercises to help the energy flow in the body, I massage his back with hot oils before moving on to his feet, legs and then buttocks. I always incorporate an anal massage into my tantric massage, unlike most therapists as not only is the anus an integral part of the body, and this is,  after all, a full body massage, but an anal massage is also very pleasurable for the client. After turning over, the chest and shoulders are massaged followed by arms and fingers. Moving down to the feet and toes, followed by the legs, the client is now feeling very sensual as many of the sensitive parts of the body are located in the inner thigh, abdomen and groin areas.

I always spend a considerable time massaging this area, particularly the area between the testicles and the anus, where the prostate can be massaged gently from outside. Obviously the genitals are a great source of sexual energy and sensuality and Tantra allows the client to become immersed in wave after wave of sheer sensuality, sometimes resulting in an internal orgasm. After relaxing the client and closing the massage, it is time to reflect with the client on his experience. Over 90% of my clients return each month, some every 2 weeks. 

 As well as my regular Tantric massage, I also offer a Deluxe massage, which incorporates all the delights of the standard Tantric massage but with other additional benefits. If a client opts for the Deluxe version then he will receive half of the massage from me using body to body technique instead of hands to body, and he will also receive a full internal prostate massage. This is one of the most sensual parts of a tantric massage and can lead to strong internal orgasm for the client.

For the very ultimate in sensual massage I also now offer the GOLD DELUXE TANTRIC EXPERIENCE. This is totally different from any other tantric massage I do and is extremely sensual, being mainly body to body massage throughout. Please see the separate page on this massage.

If a client desires he can choose to have my Reciprocal Tantric massage, in which he will receive a normal tantric massage and then we will change places and he can massage my naked body.

Another service which is becoming very popular is the Four handed massage in which both Katrina and I will massage a client together, thus giving twice the amount of sensuality and pleasure. It is impossible during this massage for a client to know which hand belongs to which therapist, such is the sheer level of pleasure he will experience.

As well as massaging couples, which is simply massaging one while the other relaxes over a glass or two of wine, before changing places, I also offer instruction for couples where I will show each partner how to massage the other tantrically. This has been very successful in helping couples in their relationships, particularly where the physical side of the relationship has waned. Couples attending these sessions report back a huge increase in sensuality and lovemaking with their partners directly as a result of coming to see me for tantric instruction.

Finally, for those wishing to learn Tantric massage properly so that they can give effective Tantric massage to their partner, friends or as a way of earning money, I offer One and Two Day Instruction Courses in which a client will receive tuition, both practical and theoretical from both Katrina and myself, and use both Katrina and myself to practice massaging on. In the shorter Course the client will receive 2 massages from Katrina and I and will also give both of us a massage under guidance and then another on their own. In the 2 day Course, the client will receive 2 massages from Katrina and 2 from myself and will massage each of us at least 3 times each.

I specialise in Tantric massage for men, but I also massage ladies and couples. More and more couples are realising the benefits of having a tantric massage and in particular the added sensuality experienced when receiving a sensual massage while being watched by their partner.

My tantric massage for females is an extremely sensual experience for the client and includes a full yoni, or genital massage, which in most cases will result in a beautiful orgasm for the client. 

 I am not bisexual or gay and neither am I straight. I am a Tantric therapist and I enjoy my work, which is always noticed by my clients. If you are looking for a very sensual Tantric massage from a man, whether it be your first time or your 15th, call me.

Prices for all the above services are on the PRICES page and my contact details are on the CONTACTS page.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Please note under no circumstances does a tantric massage include sexual intercourse!

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