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First of all, this comment is concerning a massage I had with Katrina back in November, but it has taken me this long to write the comment!! I had been searching for a sensual massage in which I would be taken to levels of sensuality that I had not encountered before, and after reading Katrina's website I decided this was the one for me to try. Easy to talk to initially, good directions, warm and inviting studio, lovely shared shower, very sensual masseuse, amazing massage, in fact everything I could have wished for and dreamed about. All in all, a totally satisfying experience and one which has left me craving for more. If only I lived nearer to be able to enjoy a more regular massage from Katrina, but I will have to suffice with the odd weekend down to Devon instead. Many, many thanks Katrina for being so nice ADAM BROWN (CANTERBURY) 13TH JANUARY 2019

Thanks for fitting me in at such late notice Jon. As ever the massage was excellent and you continue to raise the bar each time I visit. Hopefully see you next month. ROGER KNIGHT (BUCKS) 9TH JANUARY 2019

Thanks for the amazing Gold Plus massage Katrina. Absolute brilliant massage. I will be back CLIFFORD (TEIGNMOUTH) 5TH JANUARY 2019

I just wanted to say what a fantastic tantric massage Katrina gives. I have been to see her several times now, enjoying her Gold deluxe massage and also her Gold Plus, which is definately a great experience. My recent visit, on New Years Eve, was a personal gift for myself and is the best NY present ever RICHARD GIBSON (EXETER) 2ND JANUARY 2019

Hi Jon, just a quick note to thank you so very much for the beautiful massage you gave Sally and myself just after Christmas. We will be back before the end of the month, as you know, but just wanted to say thanks now. Sally cannot wait!!! ROBIN & SALLY (TAUNTON) 3RD JANUARY 2019

Lovely 2 hour tantric massage from Katrina. Have to admit I was a little hesitant before attending but I am so glad I went through with the massage. Simply the best experience I could have wanted and I will certainly be coming back for more of the same except next time it is the Gold Plus for me. Best wishes Katrina FRANK BELL (DEVON) 30TH DECEMBER 2018  

Just what it says on the tin. Brilliant. Thanks Katrina ROB (PLYMOUTH) 23RD DECEMBER 2018

Fantastic experience with Katrina! Booked the Gold Plus for my Christmas treat and was totally blown away by it. So much so that I have now booked in for a New Year treat as well! BEN SMITH (TAUNTON) 19TH DECEMBER 2018

I think Jon should advertise the fact that he offers tantric massage to females too as I am sure he would get more bookings, though I know he is busy. I have visited Jon on quite a few occasions over the past couple of years and can attest to the quality of his tantric massages. To say he creates a high level of sensuality is to put it mildly, but he retains that level of professionalism that makes him stand out from other masseurs. I can also attest to this as I have tried on several occasions to persuade Jon to take the massage past the sensual aspect due to how aroused I had become, but all to no avail. A rarity in today's world I believe! I can understand his popularity with females as a result of this professionalism which is commendable, but at the same time I believe a lot of females are missing out on a fabulous massage due to not knowing he offers this service to ladies JOANNE H (EXETER) 13TH DECEMBER 2018

Sorry about the delayed comments but I have been so busy and wanted to make sure I wrote exactly what I experienced. I booked a 2 hour Gold massage with Katrina for 10am. I arrived about 20 minutes early and found Katrina to be very lovely to talk to and also very educated about tantra. Having had many tantric massages over a long period this was important to me. The studios were authentic tantra, with a mixture of soft lights, incense, candles and plants and flowers in abundance. The massage was sublime and left me feeling simply amazing. A great experience JASON (EXETER) 10TH DECEMBER 2018

Once again a fantastic couples massage from Katrina. We have now experienced both Jon and Katrina's couples massage and we cannot distinguish between them as we both love the sheer sensuality and sensations we get from each of them. Very, very top quality service ALAN & HELEN (EXETER) 9TH DECEMBER 2018

Thanks for a brilliant experience Jon STEVE (SALTASH) 7TH DECEMBER 2018 

My third Gold massage from Katrina, each one gradually becoming more erotic and amazing. The Gold Plus is simply phenomenal and I have booked again for my Christmas treat already MARK (DEVON) 4TH DECEMBER 2018

Great experience with my prebooked Nuru massage with Katrina. Fun, highly sensual and very erotic in every aspect. This lady is mindblowing! PAT ALLEN (EXETER) 28TH NOVEMBER 2018

Thanks for my deluxe session Jon. As usual it was a great experience and I still feel like I am on a cloud ALAN (TAVISTOCK) 20TH NOVEMBER 2018

Thanks again for a truly fabulous massage. The Gold one was to die for. I will be back before Christmas xxx STEPHEN (DEVON) 17TH NOVEMBER 2018

Hi Katrina, as promised here is my recommendation following my Gold Plus with you last Wednesday. Studio: Lovely and warm with plethora of plants and candles. Katrina: Beautiful, amazing touch and so, so good with her hands and fingers. Massage: Top quality. Warm oils, plenty of body to body massage. Value: Yes very much so. Unbeatable. Any chance of returning: LOL Yes I have already booked again! MARTIN (PLYMOUTH) 10TH NOVEMBER 2018

I wanted to give this assessment if it helps others who may be considering booking a tantric massage with Katrina. I had been looking at booking for quite a while but was unsure as this would be the first time I had ventured into this sort of thing. I eventually telephoned and made Katrina aware of my apprehension. She offered me total reassurance and I made the booking. I arrived at the appointed time and was met by Katrina, a delightful and very pleasant lady looking exactly as in her pictures on the website. We sat and chatted for a while after which we showered and I experienced the most amazing massage, far beyond anything I could have contemplated beforehand. After the massage had ended we sat naked in the warm studio, surrounded by plants and scented candles and chatted for almost 20 minutes, way beyond my booked time had expired. After showering and dressing, we said our goodbyes and I left, but not before booking another session for early December. Katrina's wonderful personality and ability had left me feeling as if I had known her for years, and I have to say to anyone out there this is one massage and one lady who you simply should experience. I am so very happy I did BRIAN H (EXETER) 4TH NOVEMBER 2018

The Nuru massage is easily the best one to go for. Yes, the others (and I have experienced most of them) are hot and amazing, but the Nuru is unlike ANYTHING I have experienced before. 10 out of 10 RICHARD (EXETER) 28TH OCTOBER 2018

Jon offers a wonderful massage which my wife and I have enjoyed on several occasions now. I would recommend the 90 minute or 120 minute deluxe tantric massage BOB & HAZEL HALL (DEVON) 23RD OCTOBER 2018

Yes I know I am not a male, but have enjoyed another hot massage from Jon, my fourth in the last few months. Jon is very professional but has a natural aura of sensuality that shines through from our first meeting. His touch is magical and I have never felt so uninhibited than when experiencing his tantric massage KAREN D (NEWTON ABBOT) 14TH OCTOBER 2018

I have just returned to my home after experiencing Katrina's Nuru massage this morning. This was just an amazing experience and something I have never had before. Very, very erotic and sensual beyond words. Phew!! RICHARD (EXETER) 9TH OCTOBER 2018

Just fantastic! BARRY JAMES (WESTON) 3RD OCTOBER 2018

I just have to say what a truly amazing massage from Katrina. I booked the Gold Plus and it was wonderful. Thank you for such a beautiful experience PHILIP (TRURO) 28TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Amazing sensual massage from Katrina. Tried the Nuru massage and boy, is this hot. I have not experienced anything like this before, but I will as soon as I am able to return for another one! ANDREW HILL (DEVON) 22ND SEPTEMBER 2018

Having totally enjoyed a very sensual massage from Katrina I opted to try one with Jon to compare the two different styles and must admit to being blown away with Jon's massage, though I wasn't expecting to be like that. Both Katrina and Jon are brilliant at their profession and I adore receiving massage from both of them. Highly recommended STEPHANIE (PLYMOUTH) 17TH SEPTEMBER 2018

I enjoyed a fabulous massage from the delightful Katrina last week and can only offer my recommendation for her as a truly most sensual masseuse I have come across. I booked the 2 hour Gold Plus and only wish I had booked the Ultimate one now. Still, there is always another time, hopefully next month!! CHRIS (EXETER) 12TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Thank you so much Katrina for the most beautiful and sensual massage. I still feel the effects even now, some 4 days after. As for your advice I really do not think you do yourself justice. Your knowledge far surpasses mine and I have been practising tantra for almost 20 years. I look forward to seeing you again in the very near future GRAHAM (BRISTOL) 5TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Jon gives as good a tantric massage as I have come across before. I have been seeing him for over three years now and each session he continues to surprise me with different techniques etc. Good recommendation STEVE ADAMS (DEVON) 26TH AUGUST 2018 

I have had 2 amazing massages with Katrina now, the last one being three days ago and I am still feeling that amazing WOW factor. I decided on the Platinum Reciprocal massage and it was brilliant. I fulfilled all my wildest dreams in this and know I have found the perfect masseuse and the perfect massage. Being able to massage Katrina for almost an hour was simply beautiful and the connection between us was very real. What a gem of a woman, and a gem of a massage. Roll on next time TERRY (DAWLISH) 19TH AUGUST 2018

Great massage thank you Jon. So glad I made the trip as it was well worth it. Next time will probably go for the 2 hour deluxe instead of one and a half hour one. See you soon ANDREW (TAUNTON) 12TH AUGUST 2018

I really enjoyed my 2 hour deluxe tantric massage with Jon yesterday. Probably one of the best tantric masseurs I have encountered. Very professional, quality touch, great atmosphere and good value. I will be back as soon as my finances are replenished for a weekend again. DAVID WILLIAMS (BRISTOL) 8TH AUGUST 2018

Well I certainly wasn't expecting such a great sensual massage and being able to massage you as well was an amazing experience. Katrina, I am hooked. See you again soon ALAN (NEWTON ABBOT) 3RD AUGUST 2018

Thank you for a wonderful and very sexual massage Katrina. This was the best one yet. You never cease to amaze me with your ability to create a different level of intensity each time I visit JACK B (EXETER) 30TH JULY 2018

Enjoyed fabulous Reciprocal massage with Katrina yesterday and found the whole experience mind blowing. Words really cannot do justice to how utterly erotic, sensual, sexual Katrina is and how she brings that into the massage. Such pleasure! If only I lived nearer I would be back every other week! STEPHEN COLE (YORK) 25TH JULY 2018

Hi Jon, back home after my amazing tantric session this morning and still feeling that tremendous buzz. You certainly know your stuff I must say! I will be in touch shortly to set up another appointment next month when I get my schedule. Many thanks once again RICHARD M (REDRUTH) 22ND JULY 2018

Whew! After enjoying Katrina's Gold massages for over 3 years, I decided to treat myself for my 40th birthday and try a bondage session with Katrina. To say I was left speechless is putting it mildly! Gone was the sweet and gentle Katrina that had given me the most sensual and loving massages and in her place was this dominating masked mistress who had me willing to do anything for her within minutes of entering her chamber. I discovered fetishes that I never even knew I had, but Katrina easily brought them out of me. I was so thrilled at the punishments she handed out to me that I longed for the session to never end, though sadly it did. I think everone must have this deep desire inside to experience being dominated by a beautiful woman. I didn't know I had until last week but I know I am absolutely devoted to Katrina now. I had been used to seeing Katrina naked giving me tantric massage but dressed as she was for our bondage session (exactly as in the pictures on the website) she was amazingly downright sexual so much it hurt!!!! Until next month JAMES B (PLYMOUTH) 20TH JULY 2018 

Thanks for another superb massage Jon. What would I do without you? They just keep getting better and better. See you again in September KEN (TRURO) 16TH JULY 2018

Sorry about the time it has taken me to write but I am still feeling the waves of pleasure!! I booked a Nuru massage with Katrina for 10am 2 weeks ago and can say honestly that it was the most incredibly sexual and erotic massage I have ever experienced. Having hot gel poured over your entire body and then having Katrina writhe all over you, naked body on naked body, as she mssages it into every part, and I do mean EVERY part of your body, has to be the single most erotic experience anyone can ever have. Our bodies were entwined together as the gel was spread over us both by Katrina using her body. After turning onto my back, I  felt as hot and sexual as I have ever done in my life before and once again Katrina writhed over me, up and down and from side to side. To say that this massage is orgasmic is a total understatement. I can vouch for that. Simply amazing. Simply erotic at its very best. Totally, wonderfully satisfying. VICTOR GRAHAM ( DEVON) 13TH JULY 2018

Thanks for a brilliant and seductive massage yesterday Jon. I forgot all about my personal problems and enjoyed your touch immensely from start to finish. Many, many thanks. ANTHONY (PLYMOUTH) 13TH JULY 2018

I had the immense pleasure of a 4 handed massage from both Katrina and Jon recently and felt moved to write a little about the experience here. This is a great way of enjoying sensuality at its' most beautiful extremes as their hands moved and caressed every inch of my body. Katrina also used her body to massage my entire body and this was an amazing experience as she used her breasts and groin area to massage the warm oil on me. While both Jon and Katrina both massaged my genitals frequently during the massage, it was Katrina who provided the most sexually charged massage of my genitals as she really went to town using her breasts to encompass me as I reached levels of ecstacy I never felt possible. Would I book a repeat? Too true and I already have for next month!! JEFF HILL (EXETER) 10TH JULY 2018 

Pleased to offer my recommendation for Katrina's Gold massage. Very, very hot massage unlike anything I have experienced previously. Chose the Recipricol massage and enjoyed it hugely!!! ADRIAN WILLIAMS (BEXLEY) 7TH JULY 2018

I had the Platinum reciprocal massage some weeks back and have been thinking back to that wonderful evening ever since. Katrina is simply gorgeous and I experienced the most fantastic sensations during the whole time I was with her. She was fine with me being able to massage her entire body and sharing a hot and very sensual shower with her was out of this world. Would I recommend her? NO!!!!!!!  I want her for myself!!!!!! PETER KAY (PLYMOUTH) 3RD JULY 2018

Well what an amazing experience. Sensual just doesn't describe the Gold massage I had with Katrina. I did upgrade it before the start and was able to massage Katrina for over 30 minutes which was ........well....again, indescribable JAMES BELL (DEVON) 1ST JULY 2018

Nuru massage from Katrina. Says it all. The best ever!! BARRY H (EXETER) 30TH JUNE 2018

I have been regularly attending Jon's studio for tantric massage for several years now and believe his massage to be superior to anything else I have tried locally. He knows exactly how to get the very best from my massage for me and I can only praise him for his professionalism and easy nature CLIVE (KINGSBRIDGE) 30TH JUNE 2018

Had the pleasure of a Gold tantric massage with Katrina on Monday last week and would like to say how beautiful and amazing an experience it was. I cannot recall experiencing this level of feeling sensual for many years, and this is entirely due to Katrina, who is fantastic. I must strive to return to Devon gain so as to enjoy another great massage! DEREK BROWN (WARWICK) 29TH JUNE 2018

Great massage Katrina. Particularly enjoyed the shared showers and massaging you. Will be back soon BRIAN (EXETER) 24TH JUNE 2018  

Thanks for the most sensual massage ever! Having never had a tantric massage before I was a little nervous but I needn't have worried. This was wonderful and Jon really has a great touch (among other things) ROBIN TAYLOR (DEVON) 21ST JUNE 2018

Had to send in a comment about my massage from Jon. A really hot guy and a massage that oozed sensuality from start to finish. He certainly knows how to satisfy a guy with his massage. Wonderful! STEVE (EXETER) 18TH JUNE 2018

Just a quick comment or two about Katrina's sensual massage. I booked the 2 hour Platinum reciprocal massage where I get to massage her too and I can only say WELL, WELL, WELL!. I have never enjoyed anything so much before in my life. Sensual 100%. Sexual 100%. Orgasms 100%. I have now rebooked for the hottest one Katrina does, a Nuru massage. More comments afterwards! DANNY (BRIXHAM) 14TH JUNE 2018

Enjoyed  a 4 handed massage from Katrina and Jon yesterday and it is exactly what it says on the tin - hot, steamy, orgasmic beyond belief. I am in awe at just how sensual these two are LEE (NEWTON ABBOT) 11TH JUNE 2018

I recently had a 4 handed massage from Jon and Katrina and believe me, Katrina is like a sexual vixen! She was all over my body and I struggled to last the whole one hour I was so turned on. The combination of her and Jon was amazing and the finish was totally beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Brilliant! ADRIAN WILLIAMS (CORNWALL) 8TH JUNE 2018

I have to agree with the other comments regarding Katrina's hot massages as I have had several now and trust me, they are HOT! Especially the ones where I gat to massage her as well!!! PAUL (TORQUAY) 8TH JUNE 2018

Fabulous experience. Astonishingly sensual and sexual beyond belief. I went for the Platinum massage and cannot adequately express the sheer pleasure I received from Katrina. Has to be the most sensual massage in Devon JAMES DAVIES (DEVON) 4th JUNE 2018

Katrina's Nuru massage is unbelievable. Impossible to adequately describe my experience here. Just imagine being taken on a sensual journey to a multi orgasmic ending and you will get my drift. I can only sit here and say a huge WOW!! DAVID G (EXETER) 31ST MAY 2018

I looked up the Japanese Nuru massage and booked in for a session with Katrina last Monday. This was an incredible experience, unlike anything I have had before. To say this was sensual, erotic whatever simply does not do this massage justice. It was AMAZING! JAMES H (PAIGNTON) 27TH MAY 2018

Great massage! Hottest sensual massage I could have imagined. I will definately be back! Platinum 2 hours. TREVOR KING (PLYMOUTH) 24TH MAY 2018

I have had several massages now with Katrina and have enjoyed all of them, but the one yesterday was really good. Gold Platinum massage is the name and it is very sensual and erotic. Very sexual masseuse and great personality to match. Highly recommended GAVIN (DARTMOUTH) 19TH MAY 2018

Deluxe massage from Jon. Great massage and a really sensual guy, Jon. Loved everything about the whole experience and would like to return at the end of the month RICHARD (TORQUAY) 18TH MAY 2018

My name is Alan and I have just had a Nuru erotic massage from Katrina. This has totally changed my outlook on massage after years of so called sensual massage in the UK. Totally 100% erotic to the max, this is sheer unadulterated pleasure from start to finish. Having someone as sexual as Katrina rub and slide their body over you until they become part of you is simply unbelievable. For anyone wanting the most erotic experience around, just try it ALAN PROCTOR (PLYMOUTH) 16TH MAY 2018

Just a great massage with Jon. Very sensual and a lovely bonding between client and masseur. I do like his approach to male sensuality and uninhibited pleasure through the massage. Great job! ASHLEY(NEWTON ABBOT) 14TH MAY 2018

Superb massage from Katrina. Everything and a whole lot more than expected. This is a fabulous experience. I booked the 2 hour Gold Platinum. Very, very, very sensual! Will certainly be rebooking for my summer holiday time BILL ELLIOT (SOMERSET) 10TH MAY 2018

I have enjoyed several massages with Katrina both as an individual and also with my wife. A wonderful experience and a very knowledgable and sensual masseuse. Both Andrea and myself feel totally relaxed in her company and we adore the sheer sensuality of the massage we receive from Katrina. We are back in Torquay next month and will doubtless be enjoying the magic of Katrina's hands yet again DEREK & ANDREA (OXFORD) 7TH MAY 2018

Thanks for a very good and exhilarating massage. I booked my massage for one and a half hours with Jon and enjoyed it very much. Jon is very sensual and knows how to give a very sensual massage too. Shame I am only back here not too often from college TREVOR (TORQUAY/LONDON) 6TH MAY 2018

I have had several tantric massages locally in recent months but none of them compared with the one I had yesterday from Katrina. Definately the best tantric massage in Devon, in my opinion. Wonderful massage given by a beautiful lady who weaved magic with her hands in a great atmosphere set up in her studio. I have no hesitation in saying I will certainly be returning very soon COLIN GRANT (PLYMOUTH) 3RD MAY 2018

OMG!! My 40th birthday and I decided, after trying Katrina's wonderful Gold massage in February, to treat myself to a new addition to Katrina's massages, her Japanese Nuru Erotic massage. Sorry but I just cannot find words to describe it. The most arousing turn on of a massage possible surely. Wow, I am just totally blown away. Wow, wow! STEPHEN HILL (EXETER) 29TH APRIL 2018

Great massage yet again from Jon. Such a high standard and continually raising the bar DAMIEN (PLYMOUTH) 24TH APRIL 2018

Hottest massage I have ever had! Katrina's 2 hour Gold Plus. Hot!! WAYNE (SOUTH HAMS) 20TH APRIL 2018

Katrina - WOW!!! Such a hot massage. Can't get better than this surely? Have to be back in town soon so a repeat is a must! CARWYN HUNT (NEWPORT) 18TH APRIL 2018

Booked a 90 minute deluxe massage with Jon last Friday and was really pleased with everything about the massage. Jon was very chilled as a person and we struck up a good rapport immediately. Great massage studio premises and equally excellent atmosphere with usual candles, incense etc, but what made this special was Jon's wonderful massage. Very sensual, very erotic sensations and he knows how to produce a brilliant service! Many thanks Jon WAYNE S. (PLYMOUTH) 14TH APRIL 2018

Just a huge hug and thank you once again for my wonderfully sensual tantric massage last Thursday. Katrina, you must surely have the best tantric massage in Devon. I loved the ambience, the oils, the showering with you, the magical touch, the amazing feelings and sensations that still seem to be flowing through me. In fact you have opened my eyes to what a REAL tantric massage is all about and how a client should feel afterwards. Of course, you know I will be rebooking next month as well now !!!!!!!! BRENDAN (ASHBURTON) 14TH APRIL 2018

Fabulous sensual tantric massage from Katrina. Very loving, very beautiful masseuse who has the ability to create so much wonderful sensations in my body. I will certainly be returning asap BOB TAYLOR (TRURO) 11TH APRIL 2018

Thanks for a superb massage yesterday Jon. I now understand why you have so many followers. See you again very soon RONNIE WELCH (TORQUAY) 9TH APRIL 2018

I have had several tantric massages from Katrina in recent months and can honestly say she is sensational. She has magical hands and creates the most amazing sensual feelings for the whole massage. I also opted for the shared showers which are again wonderful. For my money, easily the best tantric massage in Devon ANTHONY H (PLYMOUTH) 7TH APRIL 2018

An absolutely wonderful massage. So very sensual and erotic I have to thank Katrina for helping me 'last the distance' as this was without any doubt the most sensual experience I have had in any massage. The shared shower was brilliant and set the scene for what was to follow. I can only say categorically that I will be returning to Devon in June and I will definately be rebooking the same Gold Plus massage with Katrina GORDON HILL (DUDLEY) 5TH APRIL 2018

If there is a better tantric massage in Devon I have not experienced it, and I have had many massages in the county. Katrina is extremely sensual and her Gold massage is to die for. I thank my lucky stars that Devon Tantric massage is so near to my home and is so easily accessible WILLIAM (NEWTON ABBOT) 3RD APRIL 2018

Jon is obviously at the top of his profession judging by the experience I had with him recently. I booked a 2 hour deluxe massage and was amazed at how I felt afterwards. Not only that but the massage itself was simply in a class of its own. He used the warm oils and his techniques to stimulate and relax every part of me, leaving me almost crying out for more. I can only say the whole package was quality and highly sensual TOM H (DARTMOUTH) 3RD APRIL 2018

This just has to be the best tantric massage in Devon. Katrina is amazing and gives the most beautiful tantric massage ROD (EXETER) 1ST APRIL 2018

I can thoroughly recommend Katrina and her wonderful Gold massage. Sensual, artistic, warm and very beautiful, she epitomizes everything that a sensual tantric masseuse should be. Thank you so much BRAD (DEVON) 30TH MARCH 2018

Once again you have raised the bar with your wonderful Gold Plus massage Katrina. I find that I experience such sensuality with you that I still feel the sensations for a considerable time afterwards. As always I will get back to you to book another session with you in a few days time. Very best wishes HARRY S (TORQUAY) 28TH MARCH 2018

Thank you so much Jon for a really sensual massage. I enjoyed every moment and only wished I had booked for a longer session. Hopefully will be back in touch again very soon IAN HALL (NEWTON ABBOT) 27TH MARCH 2018

Unbelievably sensual massage. This is what tantric is all about. Many thanks Katrina ROB (BRIXHAM) 24TH MARCH 2018

I would love to keep Katrina all to myself but I know that isn't going to happen so I guess the best thing is to be honest and say just what an amazingly sensual massage Katrina gives. Simply wonderful DANIEL (NEWTON ABBOT) 22ND MARCH 2018

What an amazing experience. The Gold Plus massage from Katrina ticked every box and more. I just loved every moment spent with this amazing woman as she massaged every part of me with every part of her. Very much recommended WARREN (TEIGNMOUTH) 20TH MARCH 2018

I booked a 2 hour tantric massage with Katrina and have to say it was unbelievable. So very sensual and enjoyable, much more than I had anticipated GEOFFREY COLE (PLYMOUTH) 18TH MARCH 2018

Great massage Jon. Appreciate the time spent waiting for my late arrival and what a brilliant massage! ROD (DEVON) 13TH MARCH 2018

Having enjoyed tantric massage for a considerable number of years I feel well placed to be able to recognise a quality service and I found that Devon Tantric really hit the spot! I was fortunate to be able to spend a few days in the Dartmouth area just after the recent bad weather and booked a 2 hour Gold massage with Katrina. Many many thanks CLIVE OSBORNE (WEST LONDON) 10TH MARCH 2018

Katrina certainly gives the most amazing massage experience. I absolutely loved her Gold Tantric JACK (EXETER) 5TH MARCH 2018

Great massage from Katrina at Devon Tantric. The massage was everything I expected and much more ALAN (EXETER) 4TH MARCH 2018

Where to begin? I had located Katrina on the internet and prebooked a 2 hour Gold Plus massage. I had travelled to Paignton by train and after arriving by taxi I was warmly greeted by Katrina with hot mulled wine, which was greatly appreciated with the extreme weather outside. Katrina then proceeded to give me unquestionably the most sensual massage I have ever received before showering and drying me. However, this amazing service still had more surprises. Instead of calling me a taxi, Katrina insisted that Jon, the other tantric therapist would drive me to the railway station. Again this was so appreciated as it was snowing and the weather was closing in. Jon dropped me off at the station and I caught the train back home. Such amazing service. Five stars for quality, sensuality, and being so damn good!!!!! ROGER HALL (EXETER) 2ND MARCH 2018

I enjoyed a great massage from Katrina on a recent visit to Devon. Stylish, sensual and a terrific masseuse. Her Gold Plus Tantric was simply exhilarating and I could have stayed for hours but for other engagements. Very highly recommended! GORDON SIMMONS (DEVON) 26TH FEBRUARY 2018

I can easily recommend Katrina's Gold Plus and Platinum massages. Sensational! MICHAEL J (EXETER) 22ND FEBRUARY 2018

Top massage from a top guy! Jon is just a great great tantric therapist. Nine massages now and counting. BARRY MASON (DEVON) 21ST FEBRUARY 2018

I found Devon Tantric on the internet and made a booking with Katrina for the 7th February. Arriving a little early I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely welcome I received which helped me relax almost from the start. I had booked the Gold Massage but before we started I changed to the Plus massage. The massage itself was beautiful. Soothing, relaxing, stimulating. I could have stayed for hours longer! This masseuse is an amazing person, and has wonderful magic in her hands. I will definately be returning DAMIEN J (NEWTON ABBOT) 14TH FEBRUARY 2018

Katrina's Gold massage. Cannot beat it. My fourth visit since last summer. Certainly won't be the last! COLIN JAMES (DEVON) 10TH FEBRUARY 2018

After a period of several years I returned to Devon on holiday and had the immense pleasure of one of Jon's tantric massages again. Still superb! TOM C. (WARWICK) 9TH FEBRUARY 2018

Very professional massage received last week from Jon. Atmosphere was very conducive to relaxation and I was able to enjoy the whole experience despite any nerves beforehand which I did have. I was surprised by the effect Jon had on me and he was able to tell me about problems I thought only I knew about. Very rewarding outcome and I will certainly be returning again soon ROBERT GILL (SOUTH BRENT) 5TH FEBRUARY 2018

Would just like to add my thoughts to others posted here about Katrina's Gold massages. I can readily recommend this massage as a wonderful experience unlike any other I have tried. Very professional and very sensual. Thank you so much! BARRY (TIVERTON) 1ST FEBRUARY 2018

Having been disappointed at not being able to get a booking the previous weekend due to Katrina being busy, I finally managed to get a space last weekend. Easy to locate, the studios are set in the form of an oasis, with incense, candles, numerous plants and some beautiful background music. After enjoying a shared shower I was treated to a quite wonderful massage lasting 2 hours which left me feeling a combination of being totally relaxed, envigorated and feeling more comfortable and confident about my whole body than I could remember before. A truly amazing feeling I must say. Katrina is a lovely person, so easy to talk to, and I was able to enjoy a massage the likes of which I had not experienced before. My only regret is that I will not be back in Devon until June but I shall book well in advance! GARY BELL (MILTON KEYNES) 26TH JANUARY 2018

I thought I would enter a comment regarding my tantric massage from Jon recently. I had experienced what was advertised as a tantric massage last year in Bournemouth, and been left feeling deflated and quite disappointed. So on finding myself spending a few days in Torquay on business and browsing tantric massage I took the plunge and opted to try a deluxe tantric massage from Jon. I certainly was not disappointed. Jon is obviously a skilled and experienced therapist and gave me a most wonderful massage which relaxed and stimulated what seemed like every inch of my body and left me feeling totally energised as well, a quite unique combination. Ever the professional, Jon even gave me a few numbers of other genuine tantric therapists he could recommend nearer my home in Manchester. Overall assessment? Quality, pure and simple DANIEL GOUGH (SALFORD) 24TH  JANUARY 2018

Had the Platinum massage, the reciprocal one. Got to agree with everyone, amazing experience. Lush PAUL (EXETER) 20TH JANUARY 2018

Amazing sensual experience from an amazing woman. I have just received a fabulous massage from Katrina, her 2 hour Platinum massage. During the massage we showered together both before and after and as well as enjoying the most sensual massage from Katrina I was able to reciprocate and massage her the same way. This has set the bar for me in terms of massage as this was loving and passionate at its best. I spent a while chatting to Katrina after we had finished and showered and it was as if I had known her for years, such was the friendliness and relationship that the massage had created. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending both Katrina and the Platinum Reciprocal massage. ALAN BROOKS (EXETER) 18TH JANUARY 2018

Thanks for a great massage Jon. You managed to combine both relaxation and stimulation into almost every touch and when I left your studios I felt amazing. I will certainly be paying you a repeat visit on my next trip down to Devon later next month CARL HILL (PUTNEY) 18TH JANUARY 2018

Massages just don't get any hotter than this! Katrina's Gold Plus, 7th January. Just fantastic! COLIN W (SALTASH) 14TH JANUARY 2018

At long last a genuine tantric massage! Having almost given up hope, I found Devon Tantric massage on the internet and I am so glad I did! Signed up for a Gold Tantric massage with Katrina and enjoyed 2 hours of intense and beautiful pampering and sensual massage that I found amazing and so very enjoyable. I would recommend Katrina for her Gold Tantric massage to anyone looking for the most sensual experience out there. GARETH (PLYMOUTH) 13TH JANUARY 2018

Had a fantastic massage yesterday in Devon. Having seen a website online for Katrina, I selected her Gold massage and fitted it in with my meetings during the day. I can only say I wished I could have stayed all day long as I have never enjoyed a sensual massage so much. Very warm welcome and a beautiful shared shower to begin with that set the scene for the rest of the session. Many, many thanks Katrina DEREK GRAHAM (SURREY) 11TH JANUARY 2018 

I can recommend Katrina's wonderful Gold massage as being a truly sensual experience. I have previously enjoyed the Gold deluxe massage which is a great massage, but this last time I changed to the Gold Plus, sharing showers etc with her and it became a totally different experience. Very erotic and body to body massage. I have now booked her Platinum version for next month, in which we massage each other as well. Fabulous! JAMES HOLDER (PLYMOUTH) 11TH JANUARY 2018

Jon's deluxe massage. Brilliant! CHRIS (PLYMOUTH) 9TH JANUARY 2018

My new years resolution was to make more time for myself to enjoy, and I certainly got off to a good start by booking a massage with Katrina, who I had visited once before last August. I again opted for the Gold massage but on arrival changed my mind to the Gold Plus, which promised to b more sensual still. I am sooooooo glad I did as this was much hotter in every way than the normal Gold massage I had previously had. Being pampered and bathing with Katrina was the ideal way to set the scene and the massage itself was amazing. I have booke again, but this time I am going to take it even further with the Reciprocal massage where I get to massage Katrina as well as all the delights of the Gold Plus. Wonderful Katrina. Thank you so very very much for opening my eyes WAYNE G (EXETER) 8TH JANUARY 2018

Had to try Katrina's Reciprocal massage after seeing comments and have to admit it really is as good as others say. Far better than some I have had in London and Bristol and a whole lot more sensual as well. I have no hesitation in offering this reference and my name being used as a testimony. PAUL JOHNSON (TAUNTON) 6TH JANUARY 2018

Thanks for a great massage yesterday Jon. Was grateful you could fit me in at late notice and the massage was a really fabulous experience TREVOR G (EXETER) 6TH JANUARY 2018

Superb massage from Jon. Really enjoyable and still feeling amazing 48 hours afterwards ADAM (PLYMOUTH) 4TH JANUARY 2018

Yesterday I enjoyed probably the most erotic experience of my life when I booked a 4 handed massage with Katrina and Jon. These two are just AMAZING and really know how to take someone up to that highest of highs and keep them there. For an hour I was in a state of extreme arousal and every part of my entire body was turned on and ready to explode as they worked my body to the max. Both gave me body to body massage. Never before have I experienced or even thought about anything as erotic and powerful as this. I will be returning for more before the end of the month as I cannot get this pleasure anywhere else!!! BRIAN (DORSET) 2ND JANUARY 2018 

Thank you so much for the most fabulous and most sensual experience imaginable. Booked with Katrina. Platinum massage DEREK JAMES (WORCS.) 1ST JANUARY 2018

Wow! yes, wow! I have had several Gold massages from Katrina this year but I have just had one of her new ones for next year and it is sooooo much sexier than ever before. Talk about raising the bar! Being able to massage Katrina for half of the session is hotter than hot. I am hooked, totally. The Platinum massage is it GREG (KINGSBRIDGE) 31ST DECEMBER 2017

My experience with Jon was a week ago and one that has remained with me as if it were yesterday. The combination of hot oils and Jon's seductive touch really removed all my inhibitions and I felt just like the sexy young woman I was 25 years ago, instead of a 45 year old mother of two. I was so turned on by the sheer sensuality of it all that I begged Jon to let me touch him, massage him, but he gently opted to continue with my massage, the consumate professional. I found him to be an amazing person, so respectful, so friendly and approachable, yet so damn hot and with the ability in his hands to blow away all inhibitions. I felt as if I had known him for years instead of just a couple of hours. Roll on end of January for my next session (already booked, yes!) DONNA (EXETER) 29TH DECEMBER 2017

As promised Ron booked me in for my second massage with Jon and it was simply amazing. I thought the first one was hot but Jon knew exactly how to raise the bar even more. Roll on 2018! PAULA R. (LOOE, CORNWALL) 28TH DECEMBER 2018

Had a lovely massage from Jon as a Christmas present from my other half. Best present in years!!! LH (|TORQUAY) 27TH DECEMBER 2017

I must give my recommendation for the most beautiful, loving and sensual massage I have just had from Katrina. Last August I had the Gold massage and thoroughly enjoyed it but now there are a few more to choose from, and Katrina has really raised the level here. I chose the Platinum massage and the combination of showering with Katrina and then being able to massage her as she massaged me was amazing. Really hot!! I will certainly be rebooking a lot earlier than before STEPHEN G. (CORNWALL) 24TH DECEMBER 2017

Okay, just back home after what must be the very best massage anyone can ever have! I have been seeing Katrina for the last 3 years for her sensual massage but this one today, one of her new additions for this next year is just MINDBLOWING!! I believe I am only the second person to be able to book it as it is brand new but it is called a Platinum Reciprocal massage. We started off with showering together and that in itself was so hot! Then a much hotter sensual massage than I had been used to, including me massaging Katrina for half the time, before she continued massaging me with her body.....wow. Katrina had always told me that the object in tantra was not to ejaculate, but with this new massage now she was happy for me to have the most powerful ejaculation! This blows all other massages clear out of the water. And to finish the experience she joined me in the shower and washed every part of my body again....mmmmmm. I am back again very soon. Just amazing!! KEITH HILL (BARNSTAPLE) 21ST DECEMBER 2017

Wow, wow and wow again! So this is what everyone has been raving about. Quite simply, the most amazing sensual experience I have ever had. Before booking I had never experienced the magic of being able to squirt, ejaculate, come, gush, call it what you will. That certainly changed within an hour of starting my appointment with Jon. I am now totally addicted to female ejaculation and cannot wait until just after Christmas for my next treat. To all us ladies out there I would only say you don't know what you are missing until you have achieved it!!!!! DANIELLE (DEVON) 18TH DECEMBER 2017 

Top massage from a top masseuse. Best there is. Thanks once again Katrina. See you after Christmas STEVEN  (TORQUAY) 10TH DECEMBER 2017

Once again a fantastic tantric 2 hour Gold massage from Katrina. Many thanks again RICHARD HALL (DEVON) 8TH DECEMBER 2017

Hi Jon, this is Philip, Christine's husband. I just wanted to thank you for every aspect of my wife's tantric massage she had with you at the weekend. As I explained to you when we initially spoke, she was very apprehensive to put it mildly, but your whole approach, both during the extensive chat you had with her on the phone, and after her arrival at your studios, made her feel so comfortable and relaxed and this, we both feel, helped her to enjoy the actual massage itself. Neither of us would have believed she would be so enthusiastic about her experience and to that end, she will be booking another session with you in mid January. I will let her contact you regarding dates and times etc. So, many, many thanks once again. You are certainly at the top of your trade PHILIP HALL (SOMERSET) 7TH DECEMBER 2017

Katrina, I have to say your tantric massage is without doubt the most exhilarating experience I have enjoyed in many years. I opted for the 2 hour Gold Tantric and was certainly not disappointed with any part of the massage. I was left relaxed, confident, sensual and feeling like a totally different person. I can only thank you immensely and regret deeply that I have not been to see you before. I look forward very much to my next booking with you. Very best wishes. TIM J. (EXETER) 5TH DECEMBER 2017 

Hi Jon I had been meaning to send a message on here after my initial sensual massage from you last week but I have been at a loss to know where to start. I experienced a level of sensuality unlike anything I had ever known before with your electrifying touch and left for home after feeling like a completely different woman. I simply cannot wait until my next massage with you and so would like to rebook for the 20th at 6pm if you are available. Much love and thanks TRUDY (ST AUSTELL) 2ND DECEMBER 2017

Hello Jon. Just wanted to thank you for your lovely massage experience I had yesterday. I will be back again soon. With love DIANE H. (TAUNTON) 1ST DECEMBER 2017

Yes another great massage Katrina. I don't know how you do it, every time different but still amazingly sensual and wonderful. See you just before Xmas xx RICKY DEANE (DARTMOUTH) 30TH NOVEMBER 2017

Great massage. Thanks Katrina KEITH (BRISTOL) 23RD NOVEMBER 2017

Thanks for the most beautiful sensual massage Jon. The most perfect birthday present from Ron. He has promised another one for Christmas! YES!!!! PAULA ROSS (LOOE) 19TH NOVEMBER 2017

Booked a series of sessions with both Jon and Katrina after my initial massage. Great massages! DANNY BARR (HILL PLACE PLYMOUTH) 16TH NOVEMBER 2017

An amazing experience. Highly sensual and left me feeling wonderful! Cannot wait to return for another booking. Katrina is definately the expert JUSTIN YALE (EXETER) 12TH NOVEMBER 2017

Just one hell of a nice massage from a beautiful and VERY sensual lady JAMES (IVYBRIDGE) 8TH NOVEMBER 2017

My husband has had tantric massage from Katrina and is full of praise for the experiences, but I have not so cannot comment. I have, however, had the immense pleasure of being massaged by Jon and can honestly say that each tantric session just keeps getting better and better, exactly as Jon said it would. Roll on next week Saturday for our next trip to Devon! SUZANNE W (BATH) 5TH NOVEMBER 2017

I booked the 2 hours gold massage with Katrina and can only give here nothing but praise for what was a beautiful massage, filled with sensual touch and calming conversation. I was genuinely surprised by just how good I felt for several days after. Top lady! DEREK S (TAUNTON) 2ND NOVEMBER 2017

Calming, stimulating, relaxing, enlightening..where do I find the words to accurately describe this wonderful experience? I am so glad that I chose to take the plunge into tantra and decided on Devon Tantric to massage me. I can thoroughly recommend Katrina for the most sublime massage DAVID HALL (TAUNTON) 27TH OCTOBER 2017

Great massage and wonderful experience. Thank you so very much Katrina JAMES B (HONITON) 23RD OCTOBER 2017

Hola Jon. Great sensual massage. Many thanks as was just what I needed. Top quality and more! BARRY EAST (PLYMOUTH) 20TH OCTOBER 2017

Thanks for a lovely experience Katrina. I will look forward to my next massage. STEVE D (EXETER) 15TH OCTOBER 2017 

Once again Katrina you have totally amazed me with your Gold massage. How lucky I was to visit you that first time earler this year. Every subsequent visit merely takes me to a more sensual plateau than the previous one and I am just ..well, speechless. Your hands and fingers really do have magic in them and the body to body massage is exhilarating. See you soon xx GORDON EVANS (KINGSBRIDGE) 10TH OCTOBER 2017

Had been trying to make an appointment for ages with Jon but in the end I decided to book with Katrina. Lovely massage, lovely woman, great experience. Does it get any better? BOBBY KELLY (SALTASH) 2ND OCTOBER 2017

I enjoyed a beautiful sensual massage from Jon yesterday and have to admit I loved the sensation of him massaging the warm oil into every part of my body. Can't wait until next month so I can have my next tantric massage! JANICE W (NORTH DEVON) 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017

After much hesitation I finally decided to make a booking with Katrina as I had read online that tantric massage can help with problems such as I had. I am so very glad that I did as the 2 hours spent with Katrina have gone an enormous way to helping me with my various issues. I believe another session and I should be back to how I should be and it is all thanks to Katrina THOMAS SCOTT (DORSET) 26TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Jon, you are the most amazing masseur! I absolutely adored your 2 hour tantric massage and I am still feeling sensual even now! Best wishes MANDY (EXETER) 23RD SEPTEMBER 2017

Hi Jon, thanks for a great tantric massage again. C U soon COLIN (TEIGNMOUTH) 22ND SEPTEMBER 2017

After several massages I felt I should send in my long-awaited recommendation. Sorry, guys, but I don't know what else I can put that hasn't already been put on here. Simply the most beautiful and delicious massage I could imagine. Thank you so very, very much for the changes I have made in my life directly as a result of visiting you. xxxx JADE MORRISON (CREDITON) 18TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Have to say a huge thanks and big hugs to Katrina for such a brilliant tantric experience. Still bowled over by the amazing feeling. Have to be back soon as money allows. JS (STREET) 14TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Thanks guys for a great couples tantric massage last week. I am so pleased that Denise enjoyed her massage having been a little anxious beforehand as you will have noticed. We will endeavour to book again towards the end of next month for early November. Once again, many thanks TOM & DENISE (NEWQUAY) 9TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Excellent, as always! JULIE ROSS (DEVON) 2ND SEPTEMBER 2017

Hi Katrina, I would simply want to thank you for a wonderful tantric massage on Thursday. I slept well for the first time in ages and you were absolutely correct in how my energies responded to that rest. You certainly know your stuff and I will be in touch shortly for another booking. Have a lovely weekend ROBERT H (BURNHAM) 29TH AUGUST 2017

Thank you for my gold experience today Katrina. It was better than I expected and left me feeling brilliant. So glad I opted for the Gold one and even more thankful that I called you in the first place BILL D (TAUNTON) 25TH AUGUST 2017

Lovely massage thank you Katrina. I hope to rebook shortly. ERIC SPENCE (DEVON) 22ND AUGUST 2017

Katrina is the best tantric masseuse in the West Country. I have tried many in the past 3 years and they all fall short. I recommend her Gold Massage CHRIS STYLES (SOMERSET) 19TH AUGUST 2017

I feel I should send in this review on sharing tantric massage with Jon, as I have been affected far more than I would have expected before beginning my journey with Jon. I am a 41 year old female in the legal profession, married for 16 years with no children. For several years now, though sharing a wonderful marriage with my husband, things have started to get a little mechanical in the bedroom, and my husband seems to have developed the 16 year itch instead of the 7 year one! More and more he has started to suggest we enter the world of swinging, to spice up our sex life as he puts it. Now I am certainly no prude and in the early years together I regarded myself as an extremely sexual and erotic woman, quite happy to try most things with the man I love. But sadly, more and more I have been left to feel that I am responsible for holding my husband back in terms of his enjoying his pleasure. My colleagues at work have noticed a change in me, and one legal secretary gave me a number of a tantric massage therapist she had visited and enjoyed the experience on numerous occasions. I had never heard of tantric and after a week or so I contacted someone named Jon, who listened to me, asked many questions and, to my amazement, managed to coerce me into making a booking to see him for a tantric massage. On the appointed day, I drove to the massage studio and, on meeting Jon, found him to be very understanding and appreciative of my particular problems, assuring me that it was a similar story to that which he had heard many times before. I found him to be a good listener and the advice he gave me I took on board. Then to the massage itself. For the first time in many years I found myself naked with someone other than my husband, laying on a table having the most beautiful warm oils gently massaged into my skin. Suffice to say the effects were mind blowing. I felt confident in my own skin again, I felt like I was a sexual woman again, and I loved the  fact that this lovely man was touching me in all the right places, saying all the right things, turning me into almost a liquid being. I had never felt that way before in my life. Simply amazing. Beautiful. And oh so very, very hot and sensual/sexual. I have been having tantric massage with Jon for over 2 years now, averaging a massage every 7 or 8 weeks, and I have become a totally different person sexually to the one who made that first apprehensive visit back in 2015. Jon has introduced me to wonderfully erotic and sensual pleasures using tantric massage and my husband.......well let's just say he doesn't have any thoughts about using anybody else to spice up our relationship. Jon has given me back the confidence to express myself as a sexual being and both Richard and I are benefitting enormously from that. I know there are many other women out there who suffer from a similar lack of confidence or self esteem or are stressed about their husband or partner looking elsewhere. I would recommend you contact Jon and at least talk to him VICKIE H (BRISTOL) 18TH AUGUST 2017

Back home after enjoying Katrina's 2 hour Gold tantric massage. What a great massage and a fantastic masseuse as well. I will certainly be revisiting the studios again as soon as I can. Many thanks Katrina JAMES POOLE (EXETER) 17TH AUGUST 2017

On behalf of both Cindy and myself I would like to offer a sincere thank you to you for the beautiful massage you gave to us both yesterday. The return drive back home to Cornwall seemed to fly as we were both caught up in the afterglow of the experience you gave us. Many, many thanks Jon, and we will endeavour to book again before the end of next month PAUL & CINDY (CORNWALL) 13TH AUGUST 2017 

Hi Jon, this is Angela. I just felt I had to thank you again for my wonderful massage last Monday. I left your studios really feeling like a different person. I felt more confident, more sensual and my husband noticed the change in me almost immediately. He told me I was like the cat that had got the cream! I only regret not coming to see you before but rest assured I will be back!!! ANGELA BERRY (PLYMOUTH) 10TH AUGUST 2017

Very good massage from Katrina. What an excellent experience. Sensual and amazing. Thank you once again MICHAEL HILL (STOURBRIDGE) 8TH AUGUST 2017

I can attest to what several others have submitted to this website, in that both my wife and myself have enjoyed several sensual massages from Jon in recent weeks. As stated by many others, he is brilliant at what he does and is a skilled masseur with a magical touch. Time goes so quickly when in a tantric massage with Jon and we have now progressed to having 2 hour massages each from him. Next one for Sally is Friday week and for me is the following Monday. Now part of our regular way of life TONY AND SALLY J. (TAVISTOCK) 6TH AUGUST 2017

I would like to give this recommendation to Jon for his beautiful tantric massage he gave me last week. I was a little nervous before arriving...no that is not true....I was BLOODY NERVOUS! but I had no need to worry as Jon was the consumate professional and I felt instantly relaxed just chatting to him before the massage had begun. His touch, supported by the tantric atmosphere of soft lighting, scented candles etc made me totally relaxed and at the end of the massage I would have begged him to carry on for another hour but he already had another booking following mine. I am also very grateful to Jon as I didnt realise that he also massaged ladies as well as males until I spoke to him. I can honestly recommend his wonderful tantric deluxe massage to anybody who wants to enjoy being the person they really can be but who find themselves in a rut for whatever reason. Jon helped me to rediscover myself as a person and as the sensual woman I used to be, and I will forever be in his debt for that. PS I have rebooked again as well!! LINDA H (REDRUTH) 4TH AUGUST 2017

Jon gives an amazing sensual massage JEFF HARRISON (PLYMOUTH) 17TH JULY 2017

Katrina is as good as it gets regarding sensual massage here in the West Country COLIN HAREWOOD (TORQUAY) 12TH JULY 2017

I appreciate the comments about Katrina but I have had the opportunity of receiving a sensual massage from Jon and I can honestly say his deluxe massage would take one hell of a massage to better it. Having not experienced Katrina's massage I cannot comment but her reviews are very good. I will, however, stick with Jon as I totally enjoy the sensuality he exudes in his massages DAVID BLY (PLYMOUTH) 7TH JULY 2017

Far and away the best sensual massage in Devon. I have booked half a dozen massages with 'supposed professional sensual therapists' in Devon and Somerset in the past year and have been left very disappointed. However, booking with Katrina her Gold massage was easily the best decision I have made in a long time. Extremely sensual with a simply amazing touch, Katrina gets a full 10 out of 10 from me. Top massage! GEOFFREY ADAMS (EXETER) 1ST JULY 2017

Hi Katrina, sorry about the late comments but better late than never! Really excellent massage I had from you and you can use me as a reference if you wish as you have my details etc. I hope to be back in Devon in August so if confirmed I will be in touch to book again. Many thanks once again xxxx STEVE H (RUGBY) 25TH JUNE 2017

Great massage thank you Katrina. You will see me again next month DEREK WOOD (BRISTOL) 22ND JUNE 2017

I am submitting this review after receiving 2 wonderful massages in recent weeks from Katrina. On both occasions I opted for the Gold deluxe massage and can only say how simply amazing each massage was. I am only regretful that I live so far away otherwise I would be back on a weekly basis!! Many many thanks again Katrina and I hope to see you again next month COLIN FOALE (CARDIFF) 17TH JUNE 2017

My wife and I have enjoyed a couples massage from Katrina on several occasions and have found it to be one of life's great experiences ALAN & SUE (CORNWALL) 13TH JUNE 2017

Gold massage from Katrina. Cannot beat it! Had tantric massage for over 15 years and this is the absolute best. Try it to see!!! CHRIS H (EXETER) 9TH JUNE 2017

Thank you Jon, for the most beautiful experience. As you are aware I came to you with various confidence problems regarding my attractiveness, or rather lack of it according to my ex boyfriend, and lack of sexual libido. You made me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth and totally recharged my libido batteries and I do feel so much more confident, so comfortable with who I am, and you were the most consumate professional. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and look forward to seeing you again for another appointment to suit JENNY FRANCIS (NORTH DEVON) 5TH JUNE 2017

I was disappointed not to be able to book the reciprocal massage with Katrina as she sid I have to be a regular client to book that but instead I opted for the Gold tantra massage and this was really a great massage so all told I was well pleased and in fact have rebooked again for the Gold tantra massage for next week COLIN WALL (DEVON) 1ST JUNE 2017

Didn't expect the massage to be as good as it actually was so very pleasantly surprised. Katrina was also very beautiful and lovely to talk with so all in all I can readily recommend her tantric massage JEFF (CORNWALL) 23RD MAY 2017

Thanks for the most amazing massage experience Jon. It was everything I could have wished for, especially as I am naturally shy and have been withdrawn for most of my adult life. I look forward very much to seeing you again next month AMANDA H (PLYMOUTH) 19TH MAY 2017

I have enjoyed tantric massage with Jon for several years now and he is simply wonderful, especially for first time ladies, as I was once. I was nervous and very undecided when I arrived back in 2014. Thank God I went through with my booking! DIANE H (PLYMOUTH) 11TH MAY 2017

Just back home after my monthly visit to Jon for a tantric massage. Best masseur this side of London by a mile, and a cool guy as well DEREK (BRISTOL) 8TH MAY 2017

We visited Devon Tantric for a joint tantric massage, with Jackie watching me being massaged and then her taking my place. Having initially been a little unsure of this arrangement as we would have preferred being massaged at the same time, we soon discovered that by listening to Katrina we experienced the most amazing sensual massage ever! I mean, watching your wife being massaged by a beautiful naked woman is not only a huge turn on for the wife but is equally as exciting for the husband watching, and exactly the same applies after we switched places. Truly an enlightening and extremely pleasurable experience. We both cannot wait to return in July on our next weekend away in Devon for another couples tantric massage with Katrina ALAN & JACKIE BASCOMBE (MILTON KEYNES) 4TH MAY 2017

Jon offers just the sort of massage I have been searching for in Devon. Very sensual, very attractive both physically and mentally and with the most sublime touch which is electrifying. Thanks for a fantastic time last week and I will see you next month as booked BRIAN (IVYBRIDGE) 28TH APRIL 2017

Great massage experience. I was completely unaware of just how good a tantric massage really is, having had several in recent months in London, before discovering Katrina who is on a completely different level. Lovely person, wonderful massage and great atmosphere all contribute to ensure a quality experience. Would I recommend Katrina? Most definately! COLIN WOOD (TIVERTON) 20TH APRIL 2017

We have had quite a few tantric massages from both Jon and Katrina in recent years and we are looking forward to our six monthly massages next month when we are back down in Devon for holidays again. Lovely friendly couple and very sensual. I usually book Katrina and Jaqueline books Jon and both are very very good ALAN & JAQUELINE HILL (N. YORKS) 16TH APRIL 2017

Saw Katrina and Jon for a double or four handed massage. Amazing experience. Will book another when the pennies come in again! PETER H (TORQUAY) 9TH APRIL 2017

I intended writing a comment here but pretty much everything I would write has already been said by others so I guess all I can say is that it really is an excellent massage TOM (DARTMOUTH) 3RD APRIL 2017 

I have had quite a few tantric massages with Katrina in the past couple of years without ever sending in a comment as I don't usually subscribe to such things, but have decided to add my twopennyworth anyway. Katrina is skilful, very, very professional and definately very good at what she does. Her whole demeanour is perfectly suited for tantric massage and I can honestly recommend her Gold deluxe as possibly the best massage of its kind. JACK HARGREAVES (TAUNTON) 29TH MARCH 2017

As promised my review of Jon's deluxe tantric massage. Very professional, sensual, electrifying in feeling, I could not have asked for more. Has certainly changed my views on sensual massage after receiving what can only be described as the complete tantric massage PAUL J (EXETER) 25TH MARCH 2017

Just a quick thank you to Katrina for a beautiful tantric massage Tuesday. I am so glad I made the decision at last! DAVID (NEWTON ABBOT) 19TH MARCH 2017

After contemplating booking a couples massage with Jon for several days, we finally made the decision and duly arrived for our appointment at the alloted time. Jon could see that Susan was slightly apprehensive initially and sat us both down and gave us an insight into what we could expect from the massage. Suffice to say that both Susan and I absolutely loved Jon's massage and we have already booked for a repeat appointment in the next two weeks. Jon has this calming approach to the massage, and is respectful and considerate beyond what we would have anticipated. We found that we both were so relaxed in his company that we felt like we had known him for years. It was so easy to form a bond with Jon and there is no doubt in our minds that we simply could not have experienced anything approaching the level of feeling we enjoyed with Jon, anywhere else. Many many thanks Jon for creating such a beautiful occasion last week for us both on our anniversary IAN & SUSAN (EAST CORNWALL) 15TH MARCH 2017

I have had tantric massage with Katrina for several years and can testify to the quality and sheer professionalism demonstrated by her. In an age when the emphasis appears to be on quantity rather than quality it is reassuring to find someone who is extremely skilled as a masseuse and believes in giving the best possible massage to her clients, sometimes even going extra 15 minutes or so to complete the tantric cycle of sensuality. I can only speak in the highest possible terms for Katrina. Quality, professionalism, great sense of personality and an amazing technique ROY MURDOCH (PLYMOUTH) 12TH MARCH 2017

I felt moved to send in details of my own personal experience with Jon and Katrina. I have had both deluxe and gold deluxe massage as an individual from Katrina, basic and deluxe massage as an individual from Jon, and deluxe couples massage with my wife Angela, from both Jon and Katrina on separate occasions. My wife Angela has enjoyed deluxe and gold massage from Jon, and also gold massage from Katrina. We have been enjoying tantric massage with Devon Tantric for over 3 years and can only state that, in our experience, both Katrina and Jon offer total professionalism and a clear knowledge of how to offer a sympathetic approach to problems Angela and I have had in recent years, both from a relationship and a communication perspective. There is no doubt in my mind that Jon and Katrina have played a huge part in helping us with our problems, and in fact solving them. Angela was very withdrawn when we first visited Jon for consultation and his easy and relaxed manner helped bring out a side of Angela neither I or indeed she, had seen before. During our sessions, either as individuals or as a couple, we have developed a wonderful bond of trust and understanding with Jon and Katrina that is surely unique to people in similar positions to ourselves. In summary, I would urge anyone with problems that appear to be insurmountable to contact the therapists at Devon Tantric Massage. If anybody can help, they are the ones! JAMES & ANGELA DUNCAN (EAST DEVON) 11TH MARCH 2017 

Great massage Katrina. Will be back soon and for longer next time BRIAN (BRISTOL) 11TH MARCH 2017

Thanks for the most gorgeous experience EVER!!! Absolutely amazing touch from an amazing guy. Jon has the most unbelievable technique and inspired me to experience more pleasure than I felt possible. Wonderful. Thank you, thank you GILLIAN (IVYBRIDGE) 9TH MARCH 2017

I can only speak for Jon, not having experienced Katrina, but I prefer a man to massage me and Jon certainly ticked all the boxes and more. He seemed to find new and innovative ways of increasing my sense of enjoyment and definately taught me about erogenous zones I knew nothing about before my visit. I would recommend the deluxe massage, though I went for the basic massage initially, which was good but for my second booking I chose the deluxe and it is very, very good! ALAN JUDD (REDRUTH) 3RD MARCH 2017

Highly recommended. Tried the Gold massage with Katrina and was amazed at the sheer sensuality in the massage. I cannot wait to see her again for my next session. RICKY H. (EXETER) 22ND fEBRUARY 2017

Been to Katrina for over 4 years now. Simply the best and most professional tantric therapist I have found. A MUST TRY for everybody seeking relaxation and sensuality. ROB (PLYMOUTH) 14TH FEBRUARY 2017

Recommended! My wife and I visited Jon for a couples massage and were certainly not disappointed with the massages. Watching my wife being massaged so beautifully and erotically by Jon was the perfect beginning and then, when it became my turn I was pleasantly surprised at how Jon's touch stimulated me so much. Not only me, but the effect watching Jon massage me was electrifying on my wife who struggled to control her feelings and became incredibly turned on! JEFF & KATIE W (POOLE) 11TH FEBRUARY 2017

Have to agree with other comments on here. Jon really is the best masseur for another man to experience true sensuality. I was nervous beyond words when I arrived for my booking but when I left 2 hours later I had already booked my next appointment. A good distance to travel but well worth it CHRIS GOFF (BRISTOL) 9TH FEBRUARY 2017

Jon gives a fantastic massage and is a very sensual guy himself. I always enjoy the prostate massage Jon gives me, which creates the most powerful feelings of pleasure I have known. Highly recommended BILL HAYWARD (BUDE) 4TH FEBRUARY 2017

Whew! I came as close as I ever have in my adult life to crying during my Gold massage with Katrina, such was the powerful emotional feelings I experience under her expert touch. She seemed to take me to a place very far away, where only sublime pleasures existed and relaxation was assured. I am definately a different person than when I made the original booking, more relaxed about life, more positive, more loving. Thanks Katrina for the most fantastic massage ever! ALAN H (HONITON) 30TH JANUARY 2017

I booked in for a tantric massage with Katrina last Friday and had no idea realistically what to expect outside of reading the website. I was blown away by the complete experience of peace, love, serenity, relaxation and beautiful stimulation of my entire body. Katrina has a wonderful touch and I swear I felt the loving energy pass from her into my body as she expertly massaged every sinew of me with her soft and gentle touch. By the time I left, I felt totally refreshed, uplifted and feeling a sense of well being I had not experienced ever before. All in all, an amazing sensual experience that left me awestruck. I most certainly will be returning, as soon as finances allow it. GRAHAM CROFT (EXETER) 24TH JANUARY 2017

I have had sensual massage from Katrina and my wife has had the same from Jon. We have also enjoyed several couples massages together as well which have been fantastic. We would both recommend either Katrina or Jon for sensual massage. Both are excellent giving sensual massage and hot! JEFF & LINDA (EXETER) 18TH JANUARY 2017

Jon's deluxe massage is extremely good. I booked in twice now and each one has been more advanced from an intimate aspect than before. I can easily suggest his deluxe massage for any sensual person out there CHRIS GRAHAM (EXETER) 13TH JANUARY 2017

Katrina has to be the most sensual masseuse I have ever encountered. After several years of looking it now appears that I have found the perfect solution for releasing stress and enjoying sheer sensuality at the same time TONY ABBOT (DARTMOUTH) 11TH JANUARY 2017

Everything as I expected having read the reviews. Top quality massage in every sense. A totally different experience to any I have had before. I have already rebooked for my next session GARY MARSHALL (DEVON) 7TH jANUARY 2017

The sensual touch on my body was unbelievable, something I had not experienced before, and triggered an amazing reaction within me. So very relaxing yet at the same time so very invigorating. Yes I would definately recommend this massage BARRY DRAGE (SEATON) 2ND JANUARY 2017

Happy New Year Jon. Thanks for some brilliant massages this past year and look forward to some more soon STEVE H (PLYMOUTH) 27TH DECEMBER 2016

After a gap of 2 years being away from the area I returned on holiday just before Christmas and booked once more with Katrina for her Gold Tantric massage. It was like turning the clock back 2 years as nothing had changed. Still the same wonderful tantric touch, lovely atmosphere and warm oils and totally beautiful massage. Thank you so much for simply being you GARY WELCH (REETH) 24TH DECEMBER 2016

I want to give a recommendation for Katrina's Gold massage service. I decided to give myself an early Christmas present and booked a 2 hour slot last Thursday. The massage was excellent, sensual and beyond anything I would have imagined. Laying naked and having a lovely warm masseuse massage you with her body is simply fantastic! Don't believe me, then try it for yourself and see! COLIN (PLYMOUTH) 20TH DECEMBER 2016

I have been to see Katrina before and enjoyed the massage immensely, so this time I booked my wife in as well, with Jon massaging her and Katrina me, one after the other. I know my massage from Katrina was unbelievable, but Jane was totally blown away with the sensual experience from Jon's massage. Great experiences and great massage people TIM & JANE (EXETER) 16TH DECEMBER 2016

My goodness, what a fantastic experience! I had booked in for a two hours Gold massage with the beautiful Katrina and was certainly not disappointed. She is so very sensual and was reminiscent of a snake slithering over my body as she produced sensations I never knew existed. I can absolutely recommend Katrina for the most amazing experience ever! GEOFFREY HALL (POOLE) 15TH DECEMBER 2016

When I booked I had no idea the effect it would have on me experiencing one of your tantric massages, but I am so, so looking forward to my next one with you. See you next week ALAN (PAIGNTON) 11TH DECEMBER 2016

Hi Jon sorry I havent gotten back to you until now but work was piling up etc. Thought I would book in again just prior to Christmas if you have space for a 1.5 hour massage. I will call about 15th to confirm. Loved the last massage. Ticked every box NIGEL (EXETER) 6TH DECEMBER 2016

Got to agree with a recent post that Katrina's Gold Deluxe massage is absolutely amazing. I will most definately be back! RAY (DARTMOUTH) 2ND DECEMBER 2016

Booked a 2 hour Gold massage with Katrina recently and was stunned by the sensuality and Katrina herself. I left the premises feeling a totally different person. Very highly recommended JOHN (BRIXHAM) 29TH NOVEMBER 2016

Great massage from a wonderful masseuse. Just simply top notch RAY (ST AUSTELL) 23RD NOVEMBER 2016

Great massage Jon. I only regret I had not visited you earlier in my stay in the Bay, thus giving me the chance to have had another massage from you. I guess there is always next year! TERRY FROST (OXFORD) 7TH NOVEMBER 2016

I visited Katrina in June while on holiday in Torquay and had a gorgeous tantric massage which I can remember vividly as if it were yesterday. Sadly, since returning home I have tried to replicate the experience I enjoyed so much with Katrina by booking 'tantric' massages with several so-called tantric therapists here in the Midlands. I have been so very disappointed as it has been clear that not one of the 3 massages I have had have been anything remotely resembling a genuine tantric massage, and I would not ever consider going back again. Oh if only Katrina was closer but 250 miles is a long way to travel! Roll on next June! And a HUGE thank you to you, Katrina, for being the very very BEST!!!!! FRANK J (KETTERING) 31ST OCTOBER 2016

Having read the many comments recommending Katrina for a tantric massage, and being in Devon on business last week, I decided to take the plunge and make a booking with her. I am so very glad I did as the complete massage experience was absolutely exhilarating and exceeded far and away what I expected. Katrina is obviously very skilled as a masseuse, but the effect her hands had on my body was amazing. I would easily recommend Katrina and her Gold massage to anyone wishing to experience a wonderful tantric massage GRAHAM HALL (LONDON) 27TH OCTOBER 2016

Having recently enjoyed a wonderful sensual massage from Jon at his tantric studios, I thought it only right to offer my recommendation for his massage services. I am 59, live in a small town some 45 miles away, and found Jon to be extremely pleasant to talk to and his massage was totally different to what I expected. I found myself totally at ease being naked with him and was very, very pleased with my complete experience. Thank you Jon ROBERT WILTSHIRE (SOMERSET) 23RD OCTOBER 2016

I have had numerous tantric massages where I live in London, but none come anywhere near the standard of the one I had from Katrina on my recent weekend to Torbay. How lucky you Devon folk are to have a proper tantric massage on your doorstep. Sadly I doubt I will be back very much as I am 196 miles away!! Grrr! ADAM (LONDON) 21ST OCTOBER 2016

Had my first tantric massage yesterday with Katrina and can happily report that it was just....AMAZING!!!!!! It certainly will not be my last, and in fact I am contemplating booking another as a treat for myself just before Christmas. Great experience! MATT (PLYMOUTH) 18TH OCTOBER 2016

I too can understand where a previous lady was coming from regarding rediscovering herself after having a tantric massage from Jon. I was in a similar position a couple of years ago and made my best decision in recent years when I booked a session with Jon. I have been continuing my tantric massage with Jon every couple of months now and feel really WONDERFUL! JOANNE (EXETER) 12TH OCTOBER 2016

I would like to submit a short reference for Katrina, one of the tantric therapists. I booked a 2 hour massage with her recently and experienced the most sensual massage I could ever have envisaged. What a tremendous experience. The atmosphere was really special, with some sort of incense burning, and the lighting and background music was totally relaxing. I would recommend Katrina to any of my friends and colleagues JOHN C (BIDEFORD) 9TH OCTOBER 2016

I had been contemplating booking a tantric massage with Jon for quite a while but struggled to actually make the call through being nervous, I guess. I suffer from lack of self confidence, much of it due to being continually told by my former partner that I was overweight, unfit, unattractive, lacked sex drive etc etc. These issues eventually became part of my everyday life and I started to believe that I was, indeed, as my partner had described me in never ending verbal abusive tones. Then a friend suggested I try a tantric massage with a man called Jon, from Devon Tantric. This turned out to be the best decision I have made in years. As I lay on the massage table, in a room filled with lovely plants and the scent of burning oils, Jon seemed to be able to remove all my issues simply with each soft stroke of his hands. Being naked in front of a stranger had never really been something I would have considered before but with Jon it just seemed so natural. By the time I left after my appointment I felt like an entirely different person. Not only that but I felt attractive and complete again. I felt like I actually belonged instead of being someone a man could just cast away like a piece of rubbish. That was almost a year ago. Since then, I have changed my whole life around, I have a wonderful social life, I have dropped 2 dress sizes, am confident in everything I do, have amazing friends and have rediscovered the fact that I once was a very sexual person and am once again, enjoying myself! I still visit Jon for tantric massage every month and he continues to fill me with the most amazing self confidence which has enabled me to face my fears and become the person I always was, but didn't realise it. Possibly like so many other women out there in today's world. Ladies, if you fall into this category, try a tantric massage! CHERRY J (PLYMOUTH) 4TH OCTOBER 2016

Well I finally took the plunge and had my first ever tantric massage. I am so pleased I did as the whole experience was wonderful. Am going to book another asap. LESLIE (NEAR PLYMOUTH) 3RD OCTOBER 2016

I have had numerous sensual massages from both Katrina and Jon in the past year and each time was amazing. Strangely, you leave the studios thinking that it was brilliant but that you couldn't come back because of the distance, yet within a week you are suffering almost withdrawal symptoms and have to book again. Such is the effect on me as an individual. Trust me, go for it! SIMON H (RINGWOOD) 3RD OCTOBER 2016

Just back home after a truly mindblowing experience. I booked a Gold Tantric massage with Katrina and, though reading the website, I didn't really know what to expect. Boy was I left gobsmacked! I have never, ever felt this way before, almost like an out of body experience, as Katrina seemed to be able to touch deep inside me, creating wonderful feelings of pleasure and calm that I just had not expected. How she did it I do not know. Her touch is, well, unbelievable and the way she glides her body over mine to massage me is just out of this world. Highly recommended for anyone. I didn't know what I was missing until I made the booking, but I will most certainly not miss out again. Next booking here I come!! PAUL (CHUDLEIGH) 30TH SEPTEMBER 2016

I have had sensual massage from Jon for over 3 years now and am still amazed by the effect it has on me. I feel a totally different woman both during and after his touch has worked its magic on me. I have seen several ladies on here who have also enjoyed this fantastic personal therapy, the ultimate in being pampered, and can only agree with their comments. I know seeing Jon on a regular basis has changed the way I look at life, the way I feel about myself and has given me new-found confidence in myself as a person. Apart from this Jon treats me, and makes me feel like a sensual Goddess, something which I find wonderful! JENNIFER HOWELL (EXETER) 27TH SEPTEMBER 2016

We have just had our second couples massage from Jon and once again it was amazing, sensual, passionate, totally and absolutely fulfilling. WOW!!!!!!!! KAREN & MARK ROGERS (READING) 24TH SEPTEMBER 2016

Jon gives the most sensational prostate massage ever. Fantastic experience from a really good guy MAX (CORNWALL) 24TH SEPTEMBER 2016

Having experienced various different massages over the years I thought I would experiment and treat myself to a tantric massage from Katrina while in Torquay on holiday. It was wonderful! Very relaxed and sensual, Katrina is the exact image I had of what a sensual tantric woman would look like, and her massage was amazing. I cannot praise her enough to do her justice, but would only say she has left me thirsting for more, even though I live some 160 miles away! CRAIG OLIVER (GLOUCESTER) 20TH SEPTEMBER 2016

Great massage! Thanks a million Katrina. You certainly opened my eyes to what a sensual tantric massage really is and I will be back ANDY (DEVON) 14TH SEPTEMBER 2016

I enjoyed a 2 hour massage from Jon after discussing what I was looking for regarding stress release and wanting to feel comfortable about my body again, (53 years old and overweight). I must say I was very impressed with the complete set up of tantric studio and atmosphere and I found the sensual massage absolutely enthralling. I am so very glad I made the effort to contact Jon after feeling initially hesitant ANGELA GREEN (EXETER) 10TH SEPTEMBER 2016

Ninety minute deluxe tantric with Jon last Friday. Great experience. Very sensual. Yes I would certainly come back again RICHARD (TAVISTOCK) 4TH SEPTEMBER 2016

Thanks for the brilliant massage yesterday. I only wish you were closer to where I live but I guess it will just have to be thrice yearly still on my trips down! COLIN H (SUTTON COLDFIELD) 1ST SEPTEMBER 2016

Having searched for some time to find a tantric masseur or masseuse in the West country, I was very pleasantly surprised to find one right here on my doorstep, in Torbay. Admittedly a little apprehensive over what the quality would be like, (having had numerous tantric massages in London over the years), I went ahead and booked a 2 hour massage with Katrina. On the appointed day I arrived a little early but Katrina was able to see me still, and over the next 2 hours I proceeded to enjoy the most exhilarating massage I have ever had. The experience was totally amazing and it is quite difficult to put it into words. Suffice to say I have booked 2 further appointments for September and expect to become a regular client when my move here is complete. I can only offer my best wishes to Katrina and thank her for introducing me to what I now realise is the real and genuine tantric massage therapy ADRIAN CLIFTON (ENFIELD) 28TH AUGUST 2016

Having read countless recommendations on this website I decided to see what the fuss was about, apart from which I wanted to experience Jon's tantric massage. And yes, I concur with others on here that this really is worth having. The massage itself was given using warm oils which felt good in itself but Jon, though being an athletic looking guy, had an amazing soft touch which he used on every part of my body and opened my eyes to what a REAL tantric massage is, far removed from ones I have had in the past from others pretending to be 'tantric'. I completely loved the whole massage and have rebooked to see Jon again on Saturday next week so am filled with anticipation! PETER STILL (PLYMOUTH) 21ST AUGUST 2016

I have recently experienced a Gold massage from Katrina and after showering I felt absolutely different as a person. I felt more confident, more comfortable as a person and also much more aware of myself from a sensual aspect. I did not expect to feel this at all and, coupled with the most wonderful massage, left me wondering why I had waited so long to participate in such an amazing experience. I would easily recommend Katrina as being the most perfect massage therapist as she is on a completely different level to those I have experienced in recent years. Thank you so very, very much and I hope to be able to see you again very soon ROD (BRISTOL) 15TH AUGUST 2016

Top quality massage from Katrina Gold Tantric every time. I have been visiting Katrina for several years now and have always experienced the most sensual massage. My most recent visit was soooo very sensual I just could have stayed for hours more. Could I recommend this to anyone else? YES, YES,YES. This is something everyone should experience in their lifetime JEFFREY H (DEVON) 3RD AUGUST 2016

I have just returned from a SUPERB sensual massage with Katrina! What a fabulous experience! I can HONESTLY say this was the very best massage I have had in the UK! PAUL EDWARDS (TORQUAY VACATION) 31ST JULY 2016

Haven't been to see Katrina BUT I have had several sensual tantric massages from Jon and can only say ''WOW''. I didn't realise that I could ever feel so sensual and wonderful as Jon made me feel with his unbelievable touch. The man is pure class and I would urge any disillusioned females out there (as I was once) to book in for the most amazing experience you are likely to receive! JACKIE (TEIGNMOUTH) 24TH JULY 2016

I can also recommend Katrina. I have visited her three times and each time has surpassed the previous one yet all have been amazing! DENISE JUDD (DEVON) 19TH JULY 2016

Fantastic massage from Jon. Very, very sensual and can very much recommend DAN H (DEVON) 12TH JULY 2016

Tantric massage from Katrina. Just clearly the best experience ever. I went through the reviews, wasnt sure what to believe, made a booking.......and am now hooked! Very highly recommended STEPHEN C (TORQUAY) 8TH JULY 2016

I really must offer a recommendation for Katrina. I have visited her twice now for sensual tantric massage and she has given me the most beautiful relaxing, but very sensual, tantric massage. I have left her studios on both occasions in a state of tremendous well being and confidence in myself as a person that simply wasnt there before. If there are any other girls out there who feel they need to explore with experiencing sensual massage then Katrina must surely be the obvious choice. KATHY-ANN (ASHBURTON) 2ND JULY 2016

Great experience. I have now had a massage from both Katrina and Jon and they are both amazing. Cannot wait for next month with Katrina again PAUL KING (DEVON) 27TH JUNE 2016

I am another convert to tantric massage and especially Katrina, the female therapist with this company. She is gorgeous and has magical hands which tend to send you into another world, full of relaxation and sensuality. Will most certainly be back again! STEPHEN HANLEY (BATH) 22ND JUNE 2016

Wonderful massage as always. Certainly the best tantric massage I have experienced COLIN HUDDLE (EXETER) 9TH JUNE 2016

I can only say a huge thank you to the guy who didnt turn up last Monday and left the space available for me! Katrina is a gem and has to be the ultimate exponent in sensual massage. I have had tantric massage from several people over the years but Katrina's Gold massage was given in a German style of tantra which was new to me but totally mesmerising and stimulating. Once again, many many thanks for a fabulous tantric experience WAYNE G. (TORBAY) 4TH JUNE 2016

Just a very brief recommendation for Jon here. Offers a great massage which is very sensual and enlightening. I have been 3 times this year but my first post on here (sorry Jon) IAN HAMILTON (PLYMOUTH) 30TH MAY 2016

Yet again another wonderful experience with Katrina. I have been visiting Katrina every year now for 7 years while on holiday and each time the reality far exceeds expectations. I so badly wish she was closer to where I live but I guess I will have to make do with my annual exotic treat! MARK LOWE (SALTBURN) 27TH MAY 2016

Having had the pleasure of tantric massage from both Katrina and Jon, I can recommend either as both are really good and give the most wonderful massage. With Katrina I booked her 2 hour Gold massage and with Jon I booked the 90 minute basic but changed to 90 minute deluxe when I got there. Loved the fact that I was able to book in for Sunday evening as well! DANIEL ROBERTS (NEWQUAY) 24TH MAY 2016

Another great experience with the beautiful Katrina. A most wonderful masseuse who is clearly at the top of her profession JAMES H (EXETER) 18TH MAY 2016

Booked a couples massage for my wife and myself recently and and we loved every minute of it. There is something extremely erotic about watching your wife being massaged by a sensual expert after you have enjoyed the same experience. We anticipate booking another session with Jon soon...........STEVE AND ANNE CROSBY (EXETER) 13TH MAY 2016

Hi Katrina. Fab massage yesterday. Many, many thanks for helping me RICKY (TORQUAY) 9TH MAY 2016

Can I just say a resounding ''Thank you'' for the wonderful massage you gave me on my recent visit while on holiday in the area. I would love to experience your Gold tantric massage next time I am in Devon, but sadly that will not be until late September. Be in touch with dates etc COLIN HAY (DYMCHURCH) 5TH MAY 2016

I have met Katrina before at a tantric massage seminar she was hosting and was impressed then bHi Katrina, as promised a few words about my massage from you last Tuesday. To say it was wonderful is to short change you I think. I have never felt so emotionally sensual as well as physically sensual, as I felt after the massage from you. This feeling has stayed with me for almost a week now and I feel totally amazed at how you achieved this. I will most certainly be returning to see you before too long. xxxxxx RICHARD HILL (PLYMOUTH) 29TH APRIL 2016

Helen and I have been to both Katrina and Jon for couples tantric massages for several years now. Both are articulate, very professional and excellent massage therapists. We have received some wonderful sensual massages from both of them and are happy to recommend them BARRY & HELEN HALL (PLYMOUTH) 14TH APRIL 2016

Thanks for a marvellous introduction to the magic of tantric massage. I would love to come back again next time I am down at the holiday home. Will be in touch soon JASON (STEVENAGE, HERTS.) 9TH APRIL 2016

Have only got one thing to say about the massage I have just had from Katrina A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! JEFF SIMMONS (TAUNTON) 4TH APRIL 2016

My husband and I booked a couples massage with Jon and, though reading up about what to expect both from his website and the comments people had posted, we were still a little unsure about exactly what to expect. Suffice to say our fears were totally unfounded and I can honestly say this was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Never before have I felt so relaxed and uninhibited, particularly when laying naked in front of a stranger! The atmosphere was magical, incense and wonderful soothing tantric music, hot oils being softly and delicately massaged into every part of my body. The sensations from start to finish were electrifying and I spent virtually the entire 90 minutes in a state of orgasmic bliss. Mark was amazed at the heightened levels which Jon took me to and indeed, when it was his turn to be massaged he also experienced the same amazing tantric touch. Without any shadow of a doubt, the massage brought Mark and I closer than we ever would have imagined, as we already felt we were in complete unison. On the long drive back to Reading we reflected on what we had just eenjoyed and have vowed to make Jon's tantric massage a regular event for us, every few months or so. Anybody looking for the most amazing experience.......just contact Jon! KAREN & MARK ROGERS (READING) 1ST APRIL 2016

I have now returned home after an exhilarating massage experience from Katrina. Top notch in fact. Beautiful woman, lovely surroundings and a fantastic tantric massage. My whole body is still tingling! JAMES (PLYMOUTH) 29TH MARCH 2016

I would like to write a few words regarding the most wonderful and exhilarating experience I enjoyed recently with Jon. Having read about a tantric practice involving an intimate massage of the female 'yoni', I approached Jon by email and asked him to give me as much information as possible about this particular massage and if he offered this massage to his female clients. Jon spent a considerable time corresponding with me by email, text and finally long telephone conversations, after which I felt absolutely confident and comfortable about making the decision to book a sacred 'yoni' massage with him. After years of reciprocal pleasure, in which I felt obliged to give pleasure to my partner to ensure a level of satisfaction be given back to me, it was simply wonderful to just lay there and be pampered, touched and smoothed in all my intimate areas by someone who clearly knew how to do his work, but was also the consumate professional. It was all about me....yes, me....nobody else mattered or indeed entered my mind, just me and what I felt, what I enjoyed, what I loved. I experienced amazing feelings of pleasure, but more importantly I left after a couple of hours feeling so much more comfortable, so much more confident about myself as a person. All thanks to this wonderful, wonderful tantric massage. Would I recommend this for other ladies out there? YES, YES, YES! Go for it ladies! You owe it to yourselves, as I did. I have already rebooked for another session after Easter SALLY M (PLYMOUTH) 19TH MARCH 2016

Hi Jon, just a brief word to thank you for your brilliant massage last Wednesday. Absolutely loved it! SIMON (TORQUAY) 14TH MARCH 2016

Both Katrina and Jon are great massage therapists and I can recommend them for anyone wishing to experience a sensual, relaxing and enlightening massage. My wife and myself have had the pleasure of experiencing Katrina's gold massage and Jon's deluxe massage and love them both. We have booked for Easter! TERRY & LEE (DEVON) 11TH MARCH 2016

A recommendation for Devon Tantric Massage. My name is Keith Jarrett and I recently booked a massage for my wife with Jon, the male therapist. Whilst Jon massaged Sally, I watched, and we learned several previously unknown things about ourselves directly as a result of this. Firstly, Sally was incredibly stimulated by the massage and secondly, I felt myself also being greatly stimulated by watching my wife given such an amazing and sensual experience. For anyone wishing to bring a spark back into their marriage, but in a safe and wonderful environment, I would recommend booking a massage with Jon, as it is an experience beyond our expectations KEITH & SALLY JARRETT (WESTON) 1ST MARCH 2016

Wow! Great massage from Katrina. 2 hour Gold - the very best I have had. Will obviously be back for more! ROB HILL (HONITON) 25TH FEBRUARY 2016

I am moved to send in details of my tantric massage experience with the wonderful Katrina having been feeling the benefits even now, some 5 days after the massage. I will admit to being slightly apprehensive prior to the massage, and also to having some preconceived ideas about what to expect. As it turned out there was absolutely nothing to worry about, and indeed I did feel guilty about initially being nervous, and I also had any thoughts about what to expect totally blown away. The massage itself was simply unbelievable. I felt a combination of being relaxed, stimulated, pampered, worshipped, loved and uplifted to amazing levels throughout the entire visit. Katrina herself is a wonderful masseuse with an amazing touch and I would recommend her massage to anybody, including friends and family. The atmosphere in her tantric studio is fantastic and sets exactly the right ambience for the massage. I know already that I will be returning, hopefully as a regular client, as the relaxed feeling is still with me, and I have not felt so good about myself for years. In closing, thank you so much Katrina for introducing me to your wonderful, wonderful tantric massage TOM HALL (BRISTOL) 21ST FEBRUARY 2016

Thanks for a wonderful experience Katrina. Sue and I will be back in June and we will come back and see you then. Best wishes TIM & SUE HOWSON (BUCKS) 11TH FEBRUARY 2016

A terrific massage from a fabulous lady! I had the Gold delux massage and it really was an amazing experience, unlike anything I had ever known. All my preconceived ideas about what to expect were blown away. I most certainly will be returning again DENNIS BULL (EXETER) 7TH FEBRUARY 2016

Thanks for a fantastic massage Jon. Admittedly nervous when I arrived, as you well know, I am so glad I went ahead with the massage and will certainly be booking another asap DAVE (NEWTON ABBOT) 4TH FEBRUARY 2016

Have to agree with Simon's comments previously from last year in that a tantric massage from Katrina is one of life's great experiences and something everyone should enjoy at some point in their lives COLIN (DEVON) 2ND FEBRUARY 2016

I visited Katrina for a 2 hour tantric massage just before Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As well as obviously being an extremely talented masseuse, Katrina is very, very sensual and opened my eyes to what a sensual massage really is. Suffice to say I have been back again and have decided to make this a regular treat for myself. I would unhesitatingly recommend this massage from Katrina for anyone wishing to discover true sensuality in a safe and beautiful environment SUSAN JACKSON (PLYMOUTH) 30TH JANUARY 2016

Hi Jon, just wanted to thank you for my amazing massage with you last week. Exactly as you said, I felt great long after leaving your studio. I look forward to seeing you again next time I am in the area GORDON (KENT) 23RD JANUARY 2016

My first time back in Devon since last summer and my massage with Katrina was still the best there is! I will be back in April and will of course book YET AGAIN!!!!!! JAMES WARD (STRATFORD) 19TH JANUARY 2016

Thanks for a brilliant experience Katrina! See you again soon ROBERT (DEVON) 14TH JANUARY 2016

Happy New Year Jon. Looking forward to many more of your sensual massages during 2016 ALAN (TORQUAY) 11TH JANUARY 2016

Brilliant massage. Thanks Katrina and see you again soon TERRY (EXMOUTH) 1ST JANUARY 2016

I have to agree with many others on here in that Jon gives a superb massage. Very sensual, very relaxing, very professional and very genuine. I had doubts about my first visit, but these vanished early into the session after talking to Jon. Thoroughly recommend his deluxe massage. Do try one.COLIN HART (TORQUAY) 29TH DECEMBER 2015

The most wonderful Xmas present ever, given to myself by ME!! I decided to book a treat with Katrina and go for her Gold Tantric massage. What an amazing experience. This girl is absolutely 100% the professional, extremely talented and with the most unbelievable touch. I came out of the massage as a totally different person, both in how I felt about myself and how I felt from a confidence aspect, so aware of myself more as a person. I was genuinely surprised as I did not really know what to expect. As a businessman leading a stressed life, this is EXACTLY what I needed. Oh how I wish I had opted for this massage months ago. However, I am now definately converted and look forward to my next appointment soon. Many, many thanks Katrina for a sublime experience DAN (PLYMOUTH) 24TH DECEMBER 2015

Top massage from a brilliant lady. Can't wait until 11th for my next one after Xmas CARL (PLYMOUTH) 23/12/15

Jon, have a great Christmas and many thanks for the superb massages you have given me during 2015. Looking forward to this year HARRY OAKLEY (PAIGNTON) 21/12/2015

Great massage. See you after Xmas TOM G (DEVON) 16TH DECEMBER 2015

I have been to see Katrina both individually and also with my partner several times since first visiting her when on holiday. She offers several lovely massages, our favourite being her Gold Tantric experience. We have recommended her to friends who have also enjoyed Katrina's massage. Thanks PAUL DAVIES (TEIGNMOUTH) 14TH DECEMBER 2015

Hi Katrina as promised the last couple of visits, here, finally, is my recommendation for your website. Having been to see Katrina on numerous occasions in the past 12 months, I can honestly say her Gold delux tantric massage is absolutely wonderful. Serene, relaxing, stimulating all the senses, soft touches and beautiful sensuality. If there is just one thing that everyone should do in their lives to experience what life is really about, away from the stresses and problems of modern everyday life, it is to experience a GENUINE tantric massage. The tantric massage given by Katrina epitomizes all of this and more. I can genuinely recommend this tantric massage from this wonderful therapist. Don't think about it. Do it ROBERT BOOTH (DORCHESTER) 9TH DECEMBER 2015

Yes it is a good experience and Katrina she is very good. I would recommend a Gold massage for anyone seeking a best experience JOSE GONSALES (PLYMOUTH) 27/11/2015

I can highly recommend Jon for his 90 minute Deluxe massage. I have been coming to see Jon for several years now and he makes each visit seem like a new experience, changing the content. DAVID G (PAIGNTON) 23RD NOVEMBER 2015

My seventh Gold massage from Katrina and they just get better and better MIKE WALLACE (TIVERTON) 22ND NOVEMBER 2015

Thanks Katrina for a beautiful gold massage. I loved the whole experience TONY C (BIDEFORD) 21ST NOVEMBER 2015

Very different massage from what I have experienced before but having said that I was surprised by the wonderful feelings I felt not only during the massage but also for several days after. I will certainly be booking again before Xmas as it is not often one comes across a mystical and sensual experience that feels so amazing! JAMES GILL (CORNWALL) 16TH NOVEMBER 2015

A huge thank you for Katrina and Jon for a wonderful couples massage on Monday. Both Jenny and myself were absolutely amazed at the sensuality and ability of you both and Jenny ADORED Jon's touch! We will be back by Xmas! RORY & JENNY (TIVERTON) 4TH NOVEMBER 2015

Thank you so much for a fabulous experience. I will be back! KEITH HILL (SALTASH) 1ST NOVEMBER 2015

Unbelievably sensual! One of the most amazing experiences of my life. Why, oh why have I not come across this wonderful Gold massage from Katrina before??? Beautiful is a complete understatement. I have already rebooked again. ALEX (DEVON) 27H OCTOBER 2015

Katrina's Gold Deluxe - Best massage EVER!! BRIAN (TORQUAY) 22ND OCTOBER 2015

I have enjoyed a Gold tantric massage from Katrina each month for over a year now. The best thing I ever did was make that first booking DAN GOODMAN (ASHBURTON) 20TH OCTOBER 2015

A great experience of my first tantric massage. I have now booked both my wife and myself in for a couples massage with Katrina and Jon. RICHARD ELLIOT (ST AUSTELL) 11TH OCTOBER 2015

I had tried to make a booking several times unsuccessfully as my preferred time was unavailable and was on the verge of giving up when eventually I was able to secure a slot. Only when I attended for my booking did I understand just why they are so busy. The massage was unbelievable, like nothing I had ever experienced before, and the whole atmosphere was breathtaking. Suffice to say I have now booked in several appointments for the next few months. Highly recommended. JAMES (EXETER) 5TH OCTOBER 2015    

Hello Katrina. Just a quick message to offer my appreciation of your lovely Gold massage earlier this week. Sheer heaven! PAUL SHEAVES (PLYMOUTH) 30TH SEPTEMBER 2015

Thank you so much for a wonderful couples massage. We will see you again soon for a repeat exhilarating experience! JOY & STEVE HILL (EXETER) 27TH SEPTEMBER 2015

Just brilliant! Katrina's Gold massage is amazing. Nothing like it anywhere. I was left simply amazed by how good I felt afterwards SAM (PLYMOUTH) 13TH SEPTEMBER 2015

I have returned home after visiting Jon for a tantric massage and I feel totally uplifted, confident, energised and so very relaxed. I have never experienced anything quite like it and found the whole massage very relaxing and yet also stimulating. Can't wait to return next month for another one JEFF CHAMBERS (DEVON) 12TH SEPTEMBER 2015

Wonderful sensual relaxing massage. Visited Katrina on the last day of recent holiday. Wish I had seen her on the first day! Gold deluxe was the massage I chose and it was a gem! DEREK C (SOUTH DEVON) 6TH SEPTEMBER 2015

Top, top quality experience. I absolutely loved the sheer sensuality of being pampered by a beautiful naked Katrina who is so knowledgable about her profession. I can totally recommend Katrina for her Gold tantric massage ADAM HILL (MILTON KEYNES) 3RD SEPTEMBER 2015 

I have been to Katrin​a on numerous occasions in the last few years and the level of massage she gives has always been top quality. I can only recommend her Gold deluxe to anyone who wants to experience something amazing and invigorating which quite simply, is not available anywhere else (I have tried!) PAUL COLLINS (EXETER) 20TH AUGUST 2015​

Try Jon's deluxe tantric. Amazing! STEVE WILKINS (TORQUAY) 16TH AUGUST 2015​

Great massage Katrina. I will hopefully be back next month if circumstances allow JEFF SHAW (PLYMOUTH) 13TH AUGUST 2015

Visiting Katrina for one of her Gold tantric massages was the perfect tonic for a cold and wet July day during our recent holiday in Torquay. Only regret is that I didnt visit her earlier in my stay. I guess there is always next year! GEORGE BAY (LONDON) 8TH AUGUST 2015

Great massage from Katrina. Best experience in my holiday in Devon DAN (YORK) 7TH AUGUST 2015

Yes I would agree with many others who have written that the tantric massages offered here are extremely good and very beneficial. I have had massage from Katrina and my wife has visited Jon several times and we have been delighted with each visit. Katrina has a very good massage called her Gold massage which should be tried if you want the best GARY (TAUNTON) 4TH AUGUST 2015

Katrina's Gold Massage. The most sensual and erotic I have ever experienced. Wow!!! Totally recommended! JAMES (HONITON) 29TH JULY 2015

Another fantastic massage from Katrina. Since my first sensual massage with her a few years ago she has introduced me to levels of delight I simply cannot have ever imagined before. Long may I be able to enjoy her sessions COLIN (PLYMOUTH) 27TH JULY 2015

Hi Jon, thought I would send in my thoughts on the tantric sensual massage I had from you last week. I thought the whole experience was awesome, from the initial pampering with feathers to the amazing finale. I felt as if I were looking down on myself drifting away, such was the feeling of relaxation and pleasure. I was very impressed with your obvious skills as a masseur, having been involved with stress massage for many years, and the obvious ease you have with your clients. In closing I wish you the very best and will endeavour to return before the year is out. Many thanks. ANTHONY HILL (WARWICK) 22ND JULY 2015

Katrina has to be the very best tantric masseuse there is! She is quite simply stunninng in looks, technique and sheer sensuality TONY H (HONITON) 18TH JULY 2015

We had a couples massage from Jon last week......sensational is the only way to describe it. My wife is like a new woman thanks to Jon A & S (TORQUAY) 17TH JULY 2015

Fantastic massage Katrina! I will be back for sure!! Many thanks BOB HILL (CORNWALL) 14TH JULY 2015

My wife has had several sensual massages from Jon, with my being in the room watching. I must state that it is an incredible experience watching one's wife being massaged so sensually by a tanned and knowledgable person such as Jon. I personally have no interest in having a massage as just watching Jon pamper and spoil my wife is all I desire xxx TERRY & SUE (EXETER) 13TH JULY 2015

I just want to express my sincere thanks to Katrina for the most amazing and sensual massage ever! Having enjoyed massages all over the world for many years I can honestly put the Gold massage from Katrina up there with the very best of them. I will be back, that I can promise. Have a great day CHARLES (EXETER) 6TH JULY 2015

Thank you Jon for the wonderful tantric massage you gave me last week. My only regret is that I didn't come to see you earlier in my holiday. I will, however, be back in Torquay in the Autumn so will be sure to book at least one massage from you then ALAN WALSH (LONDON) 5TH JULY 2015

I visited Katrina whilst on holiday in Devon last year and this year both my wife and myself had several massages from both Katrina and Jon. We thoroughly enjoyed all the experiences and look forward to returning again in September L & T WILLIS (RUGBY) 1ST JULY 2015

Gold deluxe tantric from the beautiful Katrina highly recommended. I have been to see her several times now and this massage is incredible. Best wishes Katrina and see you soon MARK (HONITON) 28TH JUNE 2015

Tried Katrina's Gold massage and am so glad I did. This lady transports you into a different world, where you are touched, stroked, caressed and gently taken to differing levels of pleasure that I didn't even know existed. If there is one thing I do know it is that I will be seeing Katrina again!! ALAN HILL (EXETER) 11TH JUNE 2015

A very hot massage, both stimulating and relaxing. I will certainly be back for another few hours of lovely pampering CARL (DEVON) 8TH JUNE 2015

Jon gave me the most sensual massage I could ever have and with my eyes closed it was impossible to tell if it were a male or female therapist giving the massage. I have no qualms about visiting Jon whatsoever and having a repeat of last week's tantric massage. Highly recommended to anyone PHILIP WHATTON (DARTMOUTH) 6TH JUNE 2015

Thank you so much Katrina for a wonderful massage which has done wonders for my self confidence and helped me to believe in my own sensuality again. I will be booking again soon SUZY (PLYMOUTH) 3RD JUNE 2015

Great couples massage. Has given us a whole new dimension to our marriage and we will definately be back again very soon CLIVE & SUE (SOUTH DEVON) 30TH MAY 2015

Jon certainly knows how to give an excellent sensual massage. I was surprised with my own physical reaction to his magical hands and I left his studio feeling as if I were floating on air. Fantastic feeling and a really fantastic guy! ALAN (EXETER) 28TH MAY 2015

Have to agree with many otherrs on here in that Katrina is a wonderful therapist. I would recommend her two hour Gold massage COLIN ADAMS (BUDE) 23RD MAY 2015

Katrina is probably the best female tantric therapist I have had the pleasure of meeting. Having had tantric massage in several countries recently I have no hesitation in recommending her Gold Deluxe tantric massage as being one which everyone should endeavour to experience. Very best wishes K DENIS HALL (LONDON) 20TH MAY 2015

Hi Jon once again my huge thanks for a wonderful couples massage Linda and I enjoyed with you recently. We will be back soon COLIN & LINDA (DEVON) 16TH MAY 2015

Like others who have written in here, I had the pleasure of receiving a tantric massage from the lovely Katrina last week. I have had tantric massage from numerous people in recent years but this experience topped them all! Why, Oh why did I not discover her years ago before wasting far more money on others? Yes, I can recommend her but I would like to keep her all for myself!! DAVID CROSS (YEOVIL) 13TH MAY 2015

Sorry took so long Jon but finally my comments - sensual, very professional, wonderful ambience, fulfilling, amazing in fact. Would I return? Certainly, but would book the longer deluxe version next time. Can fully understand why you are so busy JAMES (DEVON) 4TH MAY 2015

Excellent experience. I am so glad I took the decision to book this massage with Jon after some initial apprehension. I intend having regular tantric massage from now on and only regret leaving it for so long before making my initial booking PETER DAY (TAUNTON) 2ND APRIL 2015

Top massage PETER (SALTASH) 27TH APRIL 2015

Thanks Katrina for another wonderful tantric massage on Friday. I only wish I had discovered you and your Gold Tantric years ago. I look forward to seeing you once again next month JAMES K (EXETER) 25TH APRIL 2015

I would recommend the Gold massage from Katrina. As amazing experience which has to be up there with the best experience of my life. Totally unbelievable feeling after the massage EDDIE (TIVERTON) 24TH APRIL 2015

We booked a couples tantric massage with Jon for the 20th April at 6pm. We actually arrived early as traffic was good on the journey and Jon was happy to start early. I had my massage first, which I found to be hugely sensual and arousing, particularly with Stephen watching, and then Stephen followed. Seeing him being massaged so intimately by another man was one of the biggest turn ons of my life and I found myself discovering feelings of sensuality that I had not previously experienced in my life. To say we fully enjoyd the experience is an understatement. Jon was happy to allow us to massage each other as part of the session and we found him to be the perfect gentleman. We simply cannot wait to book another session with him (and actually have already) as we have discovered a new element to our relationship as a result of our massages and we wish to continue with our exploration. Would I recommend a couples massage to others? Too right I would! Go for it and call Jon! JANE & STEPHEN (HONITON) 22ND APRIL 2015

Dear Katrina, just a brief message to thank you for your wonderful tantric massage yesterday. You truly are a really top quality tantric masseuse. I hope very much to see you again on my next visit to the West Country during summer. ALAN HILL (LONDON) 15TH APRIL 2015

Deluxe massage with Jon. Ninety minutes. Wonderful!  GREG C (EXETER) 11TH APRIL 2015

Highly recommended. Katrina was recommended to us by friends and we certainly found her tantric massage to be exceptional. We shared a couples massage with her at her studios in Devon and we were thrilled at the tremendous sensations she produced in our bodies with her wonderful sublime touch. Oh if only it were possible to book for a whole complete day under her magical fingers! We visited on a weekday and chose the Gold Tantric Couples massage. Warm oils, wonderful atmosphere, incense, soft tantric music, fur throws and sheer ecstacy. Thank you from both Jim and myself, and rest assured we will most certainly be returning asap MAGGIE AND JIM (UK) 9TH APRIL 2015


Just brilliant! Thanks for a terrific tantric experience Jon. You are the tops! JAY (|DEVON) 5TH APRIL 2015

A huge thank you Katrina for the couples tantric massage we had from you yesterday. It was everything and so much more than we had expected. If we had realised just what an effect your Gold tantric would have on us we would have booked at the start of our week's holiday rather than the last day and then been able to have another! I know greedy!! However, we look forward to booking another couples massage with you on our next visit to Devon in June. Have a lovely weekend. TERRY & JANE (LONDON) 2ND APRIL 2015

Katrina, how can I express just how amazing your tantric massage was for me yesterday? It was sensational and I really cannot wait until the 7th next month for my next booking JAMES (EXETER) 23RD MARCH 2015

Hi Jon and Katrina. Thank you for my wonderful four handed tantric birthday present today. I was totally blown away by the sensuality and intensity. It was a truly special occasion and worth every penny! You are both expert conductors and I felt I was being played like a piece of fine music. Wonderful! RICHARD (DEVON) 20TH MARCH 2015

I am a female and have now had 2 massages with Katrina and have experienced a transformation that has healed an old wound, changed me emotionally for the better and enabled me to experience orgasm in a more liberating way without complex feelings coming to the surface. The experience has been loving, freeing and connecting, without the usual emotional involvement. It has helped me identify what I want from relationships with others on many levels, but especially intimately and was completely non judgmental and accepting. Everyone should have this as part of their life. Sharon aged 55. SHARON (DEVON) 14TH MARCH 2015

As always, ever the master of your trade. As always, I left feeling a totally different person. As always, I have rebooked again! STEVE H (TORBAY) 13TH MARCH 2015

Thank you so much Katrina for my massage today. You are truly a wonderful therapist. Certainly the best massage I have had the pleasure of receiving in many years of taking massage CARL (BIDEFORD) 11TH MARCH 2015

Hot massage from a great guy. Can't wait to get back in Devon for my next deluxe session with Jon. Still tingling! MIKE BELL (LONDON) 7TH MARCH 2015

I had booked a Gold tantric massage with Katrina in the hope of receiving something totally different to any other massage I had previously experienced, and I was certainly not disappointed. Katrina herself is a wonderful and pleasant lady who immediately puts one at ease and removes any possible apprehension on arrival. She is also an extremely skilled massage therapist. Make no mistake, this is NOT a sexual massage, as some may initially be hoping for. What it is, however, is a beautiful and flowing sensual massage which is far, far higher up the scale in terms of benefits. I absolutely adored Katrina's soft touch all over every part of my body and felt blessed to be in her care for the 2 hours. Being naked and massaged by a beautiful naked woman leaves no room for egos and Katrina ensured both of us were relaxed and at equal levels. Sitting naked on the futon with her chatting together after the massage seemed just so perfect and natural. I simply enjoyed the whole experience totally and have decided this is something I really have to explore again and so I have rebooked already for a session at the beginning of next month. I would honestly recommend Katrin's Gold massage to anybody who may be seeking total relaxation and pleasure JAMES K (EXETER) 1ST MARCH 2015

Top tantric! Nice to find a genuine tantric therapist after so much rubbish proferred on the internet. Well worth travelling for I will certainly be a repeat client. Thanks Katrina. Top job! ALAN (BRISTOL) 23RD FEBRUARY 2015

Nothing but praise for Jon. Made me feel so welcome and I lost all my apprehension just sitting talking to him prior to the massage starting. I had never had a massage from a male before but found this experience to be exhilarating to the point where it mattered not who was massaging me, it was a true genius with a magical touch. Surprised myself by my reactions but discovered the 'real' me along the way I believe. TERRY (TORQUAY) 20TH FEBRUARY 2015

Reading the comments I thought it was about time I added my name to the list. I have been having tantric massage with Katrina for the last 6 years, probably averaging around 10 each year. Such is the quality of the massage that not once have I ever left her studios feeling anything other than supremely wonderful. Her Gold Tantric is an experience to die for. Pure unadulterated sensuality transporting me to another world, another time, another place. I live a very hectic life, with an intense business schedule that involves long and unsociable hours, and Katrina's Gold massage provides the best tonic to offset all this that I have ever known. In short, her massages have become part of my regular schedule and I am convinced they have played an enormous part in the success I have achieved these past few years. Thank you Katrina. My deepest respect and thanks. DOUGLAS HALL (DARTMOUTH) 12TH FEBRUARY 2015 

Would easily recommend Katrina for her Gold Tantric massage which I had last Tuesday. Exquisite in content and a wonderful lady giving the massage. Sheer sensuality. Magical! BRIAN (TAUNTON) 11TH FEBRUARY 2015

Top man and a top massage. Wish I had found Jon years ago. STEVE TERRY (EXETER) 7TH FEBRUARY 2015

After quite a few massages from Jon, mainly his 90 minute deluxe tantric, I opted this time for the Gold deluxe tantric massage, which promised to be even more sensual than the ones I had always had. My thoughts? Yes it was definately more sensual, extremely arousing and took me to places I had never been before. I would go for the normal 90 minute deluxe and have the Gold to give myself a treat every other month. Would I recommend it? Definately!! All of Jon's massages in fact!! H.BELL (DEVON) 4TH FEBRUARY 2015

Excellent! ALAN D (BRIXHAM) 28TH JANUARY 2015

Hi Katrina, thanks for another amazing massage. Never ceases to amaze me how you create such sensuality every time I come to see you. Look forward to the next one in March TONY (NEWTON ABBOT) 25TH JANUARY 2015

Had the Gold Tantric massage from Katrina. Very, very good and have felt great in the 3 days since then as well. Dont know how she does it but Katrina makes you feel a totally different person. Recommended and will certainly be back soon JOHN (POOLE) 25TH JANUARY 2015

Hello Katrina I hope you are well? I thought I would write in to thank you for a really wonderful tantric massage from you on Monday. Initially I wondered if you would even consider accepting me as a client as I am 73 years old but clearly that had no effect on you as you proceeded to give me one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and left me feeling like a person half of my age! I am extremely grateful to you and as you know, I have scheduled another booking for the beginning of next month, which I hope will be a regular outing for me. Once agin, Katrina, many many thanks from a happy client ALAN (TORQUAY) 22ND JANUARY 2015

Hi Jon! Just wanted to add my little bit to the chat on here by telling you how amazing your tantric massage was. Still feeling the feelings now after 3 days......unbelievable! Many thanks GERRY (WESTON) 21ST JANUARY 2015

So pleased that I decided to book with Katrina. Such a wonderful experience I just have to come back again very soon DAN H (BRIXHAM) 18TH JANUARY 2015


We simply have to write this about our amazing experience yesterday with Jon. Having left it really late to actually make the booking, Jon was happy to book us in for our couple's massage and we arrived not quite knowing what to expect. The room where the massages took place is set up more or less as a tranquil garden with lovely lights and soft music in the background. While I sat and watched, Alison had her tantric massage from Jon, using hot oils. I have rarely seen her enjoy anything as much as she enjoyed being massaged this way and her physical movements betrayed exactly how she felt! From my perspective it was incredibly sensual watching your wife in this situation and sharing the experience was exhilarating. When it was my turn I experienced wonderful sensations from start to finish and felt like I was above watching myself being treated to this amazing massage. Afterwards Alison said she found it equally amazing watching me receiving my tantric massage. In summary, this has to be up there with the best things we have done in our lives together, and we will obviously be returning to Jon for a repeat experience, hopefully before the end of the month. Thank you again and again Jon for an amazing couple of hours. You are 'simply the best'. ROBERT & ALISON (EXETER) 12TH JANUARY 2015

Hi Katrina just a brief note to thank you once again for a fabulous tantric massage last week. I adored your touch and the heightened levels of sensuality during the massage. I must admit that was the best sensual massage I have experienced before CARL (DEVON) 7TH JANUARY 2015

Wow! We absolutely adored our massage at Devon Tantric recently. We have also booked for Valentines Night as well! JAMES AND SUSAN (TORQUAY) 4TH JANUARY 2015

Enjoyed a tantric massage from Jon just before Christmas and was very pleasantly surprised at the difference from a 'normal' sensual massage. This was way above the level of anything I have had before, both in sensuality and sheer quality. I will certainly be returning for more of the same BEN (DEVON) 4TH JANUARY 2015

Top massage from a seriously wonderful massage therapist - Katrina ROB (SIDMOUTH) 31ST DECEMBER 2014

Decided to treat myself for Christmas with one of Katrina;s Gold massages and so glad I did! What a superb experience with a beautiful and caring lady! I felt as if I were transported away to another world, one of peacefulness and pleasure. I have already booked another Gold massage and feel I will be having regular treats with Katrina from now on.  GEORGE (PLYMOUTH) 27TH DECEMBER 2014

Fabulous Gold massage! Thank you so much Katrina. ALAN (TAUNTON) 24TH DECEMBER 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed our couples massage with you recently Jon and would like to book another if possible for the 31st. Would like the 2 hour one for Susan and the normal one for myself. Best wishes and have a lovely Christmas GRAHAM & SUSAN (PLYMOUTH) 23RD DECEMBER 2014

Katrina, your Gold massage I had 2 days ago was one of the great pleasures for me in 2014. I really felt as if I were in another world, a beautiful one where all that mattered was me. Many many thanks and I look forward to seeing you very soon DAVID (EXETER) 20TH DECEMBER 2014

Thanks again for an amazing massage Katrina. Have booked in Gemma to see Jon, as per your advice, so we will see you all soon TERRY (TORQUAY) 12TH DECEMBER 2014

I have been to see both Katrina and Jon at various times in the last couple years and can recommend both as experts in their field. Having had tantric massage from numerous 'tantric therapists' previously, these are indeed the real deal! I would recommend Jon's deluxe, probably the 90 minute one and definately Katrina's Gold deluxe.....pure magical! MICHAEL (TAVISTOCK) 11TH DECEMBER 2014

Best there is. No contest. Gold deluxe is just fantastic GARY BREITH (SALTASH) 4TH DECEMBER 2014

I have been to see Jon countless times in the past and each time he appears to have raised the envelope even more! A really great experience and one which everyone should enjoy STEPHEN H (DEVON) 2ND DECEMBER 2014 

I have just returned home after a Tantric Gold massage from Katrina. All I can say is that this was the most amazing experience, unlike anything I had visualised prior to my attendance. Both relaxing and stimulating at the same time I will be going back for sure. Many, many thanks Katrina TERRY ABBOT (TRURO) 12TH NOVEMBER 2014

Katrina's Gold deluxe massage - amazing experience. Will be back! GARY (HONITON) 27TH OCTOBER 2014

Hi Jon...just a quick note to give my acknowledgement of your wondereful tantric massage. Having had a few unsatisfactory experiences over the years with male masseurs I was, as you were aware, a little hesitant, but suffice to say you were amazing in your professionalism, your obvious skills as a masseur and the incredible sensuality you created in me during that 90 minutes. I would have no hesitation in recommending your tantric massage to anyone and, in fact, have already given your details to a colleague of mine who I understand has booked for a session with you this week. Finally, I look forward very much to my next magical time with you JULIA (EXETER) 11TH OCTOBER 2014

What a fabulous experience with Katrina. I shall certainly be back. Most sensual, most relaxing and most satisfying massage I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. Thank you GEOFF H (CORNWALL) 8TH OCTOBER 2014

10/10 Superb COLIN (TOTNES) 4TH OCTOBER 2014

Brilliant experience....wow! I will certainly be booking again TERRY (DEVON) 27TH SEPTEMBER 2014

I was fortunate to get a last minute booking for a gold tantric massage from Katrina. She is a lovely person and I had the most beautiful experience at her studio. Very professional and talented. I have no hesitation in giving this review as top quality GEOFF (READING) 28TH AUGUST 2014

Super massage Katrina. Wish I had called you earlier in my holiday, but there is always next summer. Thank you so very much ANDY (BOLTON) 26TH AUGUST 2014

years old. I tried meeting people at the usual functions and events but nothing seemed to click and I was still alone. However, one day a female friend told me quietly to seek out a tantric therapist and schedule a tantric massage. I had no idea initially what this was or what it entailed, but the recommendation was for a therapist named Jon. I telephoned him and outlined my particular problem and I admit he was most charming and set my mind at ease with how he believed he could help me. So saying, so done. I booked an appointment for the following week and arrived, albeit a little apprhensive, at his studios at the appointed time. After initial small talk, Jon invited me to shower and then join him in the adjoining massage room, where he proceeded to give me the most unbelievable and relaxing massage I could ever have envisaged. Warm oils were used and his fingers and hands weaved magic on my naked skin as he eased all the tensions built up over the previous 2 years out of my body. Suffice to say I left the studio feeling a totally different woman, more confident, more comfortable in my own body, and booked a further session for the following week. That was over a year ago, and I see Jon every other week for a tantric massage. I have discovered over this time that I do not need to look for male companionship any more. I simply visit Jon where he takes me up to a different level of sensuality each and every visit, always using different techniques and words. My massages with Jon have become an integral part of my life to the extent that my business is growing, I am always happy and content, my friends wonder about this ''new me'' and I feel the luckiest person in the world. Yes I still go to functions and meet people and enjoy a glass or two of wine, but in terms of my private life, I experience total fulfilment through recieving tantric massage from Jon. So, for all my fellow females out there who feel life has passed you by, who have been left alone in your life etc etc - you are wrong! You can do something about it TODAY! I did and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. If you are looking here you are half way there already. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain SHELLY (IVYBRIDGE) 10TH AUGUST 2014

I can only say the massage was sensational. Katrina is gifted as a massage therapist and the studio where the massage took place is wonderful. I felt like I were in a forest clearing receiving a beautiful massage beneath the stars. Once again, thank you! WILLIAM (TAUNTON) 3RD AUGUST 2014

Many thanks for a fantastic Gold deluxe massage yesterday. I am still feeling the most amazing sensations throughout my entire body TERRY BEST (PLYMOUTH) 3RD AUGUST 2014

Jon has to be the most sensual masseur there is! He absolutely wowed both Cindy and myself and we learnt so much from him in our 2 sessions last week. He has given us a new lease on life through his tantric sessions and we will be back every month for to develop our relationship even more GREG & CINDY (DEVON) 30TH JULY 2014

Thanks Jon. Amazing stuff once again. Can't wait for next month to come around again. Highly recommended from me JEFFREY (TIVERTON) 3RD JULY 2014

I have just returned home after receiving a fabulous tantric massage, a Gold one, from Katrina at Devon Tantric. I am still in awe of the unbelievable experience of being massaged in such a way that I thought I had died and gone to heaven and come back again. If ever someone is looking for the most amazing experience ever, book with Katrina and go for the Gold CHARLES (KINGSBRIDGE) 2ND JULY 2014

Gold deluxe massage from Katrina has to be the hottest massage around. I have experienced numerous so called sensual massages in recent years but this one is the best by far. Guys, miss this and you have only yourselves to blame! DON S. (PLYMOUTH) 20TH JUNE 2014

Hi Jon thought I would add my comments to your page as I am so happy at giving myself over to you so you can enrich my mind with the sensuality I have been missing in my life so far. I have found a new zest for enjoying my body and my feelings that I never had before, and feel so very comfortable being with you. Looking forward to seeing you next week for another 2 hours SUSANNE (EXETER) 16TH JUNE 2014

Once again a wonderful tantric experience from Katrina with her Gold massage, my 7th time. Can only recommend for every guy out there wanting to enjoy sensuality at its very best STEVE ( BARNSTAPLE) 15TH JUNE 2014

Super experience and thanks for being so patient Jon. I really appreciate it and will certainly be back again very soon for another session with you, probably the deluxe tantric this time COLIN B (NEWQUAY) 12TH JUNE 2014

Just a quick but grateful 'thank you' from us for a really worthwhile day we spent with you last Tuesday. We learnt so much in such a short period of time thanks to your great teaching skills, and we have already started practising on each other, with some amazing results! Once again, many thanks TONY and ELLEN (BATH) 9TH JUNE 2014

Super massage Katrina, as always. Your touch is totally amazing and after many visits, I am still in awe of your ability to make me feel so wonderful. Best wishes until next time DAMIEN (TRURO) 3RD JUNE 2014

If I thought my first tantric massage from Jon was hot, then my second one was out of this world! Jon has enabled me to see a side of myself I thought had long been put to bed and forgotten about. I feel 20 years younger and so much more sensual in my everyday life now. This is something all women should try, especially if they have gotten into a rut, as I had, and considered sexuality/sensuality as a thing of the past. Girls, revive it and enjoy yourself and your body again. SALLY HILL (PLYMOUTH) 1ST JUNE 2014

Hi Katrina just wanted to write a few lines to both thank you profusely for the wonderful massage you gave me yesterday and also to recommend you to anyone viewing the website with the possible intention of booking with you. After hummng and hahing for a week or so I finally decided to book and I am so very glad I did. The tantric massage was amazing, as so many others have alluded to, but combined with the atmosphere in your studio, the incense, the music and of course yourself, the whole experience was like nothing I could have imagined. How unfortunate that I live so far away or I would be having tantric massage from you every month! As it is I will book for each time I visit the area with work, probably every 8 weeks or so. To anyone considering having a tantric massage from you, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT DO IT! I recommend the Gold Tantric massage I had. You certainly will not regret it. I read reviews on here and thought they can't all be wrong. They certainly aren't! See you again in July for my next Gold Deluxe Tantric massage. IAN (OXFORD) 27TH MAY 2014

Pure quality! GRAHAM (TORQUAY) 23RD MAY 2014

Enjoyed an unbelievable sensual massage last week with the masseur named Jon. Think it was the deluxe tantric. I can only say wow and wow again. Had read about it before but didnt realise Jon also massaged us ladies, thought it was only for men. So glad I called and booked and will now be seeing a lot more of Jon and his touch. Once again, thanks LIZ THOMPSON (DEVON) 19TH MAY 2014

Thanks for the great massage Katrina. I will be back very soon MIKE (BIDEFORD) 15TH MAY 2014

Just back home after an amazing experience from my tantric massage from Jon. Initially nervous, I was quickly relaxed by Jon's demeanour and explanation of the massage. The massage itself was sublime, and I have honestly never felt so sensual as a person as I did today! Warm oils being gently massaged both on and into every part of my body, combined with the scent of incense and the hypnotic music in the background turned me into someone I had not recognised before. Add to that the joy of being massaged by a guy who looks gorgeous naked and the end product is stunning, amazing, call it what you will. Sorry for gushing like this but, ladies, a tantric massage from Jon is something all females should experience in their lives, regardless of age. I am 49 and left Jon's studio feeling like a 21 year old! Oh........and I have booked again for 2 weeks time...................mmmm SALLY HILL (PLYMOUTH) 10TH MAY 2014

Apologies Katrina but have only now found time to write a review. The Gold massage was fabulous, and exceeded my expectations greatly. I regret not having visited you before but I will certainly be booking on my next trip to Devon! STUART LEWES (CARDIFF) 7TH MAY 2014

Just a great experience. Thank you so much Jon. PIETER (ROTTERDAM) 5TH MAY 2014

Just wanted to recommend Katrina and her Tantric massage as it is amazing. Go for the Gold massage. My third visit and it is better every time! Beautiful woman and great massage. ERIC (TORQUAY) 2ND MAY 2014

Katrina. Gold delux. Brilliant. Many thanks. RICKY (BATH) 28TH APRIL 2014

After having had tantric massages from Jon for over 3 years I thought it about time I wrote a review..lol! He is by far the best sensual masseur I have come across and I can honestly recommend his deluxe massage. See you again very soon buddy! CLIVE (PLYMOUTH) 26TH APRIL 2014

Great experience. Was little nervous initially but realised that this was just nerves and genuinely enjoyed the massage and the feelings of well being. Thanks so much Katrina for a magical massage STEVE H (DEVON) 23RD APRIL 2014

Suzy is still gushing after her Yoni massage with Jon. Her whole level of sensuality has been given a tremendous boost and we will, of course, be returning! TONY AND SUZY (SOUTH DEVON) 20TH APRIL 2014 

Most sensual massage I have ever had and from an amazing person. Katrina, you are sensational. Many thanks once again SIMON (CULLOMPTON) 15TH APRIL 2014

Thanks for a fabulous sensual massage Jon. I regard this as one of the best tantric massages I have received and intend to come back on a regular basis if you can fit me in COLIN (TAUNTON) 12TH APRIL 2014

Hello Katrina, as promised here is my comment for the website following my tantric experience with you last week. I found the actual massage to be wonderfully relaxing and stimulating. I have never experienced anything like it and am genuinely delighted I took the plunge last week. I believe your recommendation of the Gold Deluxe Tantric was also spot on. I can thoroughly recommend your Tantric massage to all and sundry who wish to enjoy being made to feel like on a different planet, where only sensual pleasure exists. I most certainly will be returning to see you very soon. xxxx PHILIP BENN (POOLE) 8TH APRIL 2014

Great Gold Deluxe massage last Monday. Will be back JEFF HALL (TIVERTON) 3RD APRIL 2014

Hi Katrina, its David. Beautiful tantric massage once more and I cant wait until the next one. Your Gold massage certainly hits the parts other massages dont!! See you soon DAVID (KINGSWEAR) 31ST MARCH 2014

Just like to thank you once again, Jon, for the massage you gave my wife Suzie on Friday. She totally enjoyed herself and found the massage to be the most sensual experience she has had, so you can take it that she will be back very soon! WAYNE (SALTASH) 28TH MARCH 2014


Thanks once again Jon for a truly sensual experience I will never forget. I look forward very much to seeing you again next month and woujld like to wish you all the best until then ALAN (EXETER) 27TH MARCH 2014

What a fabulous experience! Katrina is an amazing, very sensual woman who has magical hands. I really enjoyed her touch and she took me to places I didnt even know existed. Superb! TOM (HONITON) 24TH MARCH 2014

I would like to recommend the tantric massage offered by both Katrina and Jon, having experienced several from each of them at various times over the past few months. Each are different, but are very addictive in their content and presentation. Jon's deluxe massage is brilliant and for the best tantric massage ever, opt for the Gold Tantric from the lovely Katrina. I will be enjoying both in the coming weeks again DONALD S. (TOTNES) 20TH MARCH 2014


Hi Katrina! Thanks again for yet another fabulous tantric massage RAY (PLYMOUTH) 14TH MARCH 2014

Simply wonderful massage from Katrina. Quality, beauty and a truly exhilarating experience. Will certainly book the Gold Tantric again when I am next in the West Country, hopefully April ASHLEY (STEVENAGE) 12TH MARCH 2014

Brilliant Jon! Just brilliant! I feel exactly as you said I would after the massage. Looking forward to my next appointment with you. TOM (S/DEVON) 8TH MARCH 2014

Just back home from my 6th Gold Tantric with Katrina and I am still feeling totally on a high, even after a 2 hour drive. As always the massage was a sublime experience and one which every person should enjoy in their lives. Too good to miss imo GRAHAM (EXETER) 8TH MARCH 2014

Fabulous massage with Katrina. I chose the Gold deluxe and what a good choice. Katrina has magic in her fingers and I can't wait for my next appointment with her. Highly approved! MIKE SCOTT (IVYBRIDGE) 7 MARCH 2014

Wonderful couples massage from Jon. Better than what we ever expected. Roll on next month for Roger's birthday and we will be back again! Best wishes from ''that happy couple'' KATHY & ROGER (POOLE) 4TH MARCH 2014

I can only recommend the tantric massage I had yesterday from Jon very highly. A very good experience and was exactly what I was looking for. I most definately will be coming back ERIC (KINGSBRIDGE) 2ND MARCH 2014

Once again a top quality massage from Jon. Warm oils, fire, soft music and an extremely sensual massage. Unbeatable pleasure! TONY (BRIXHAM) 26TH FEBRUARY 2014

Yes the Gold massage is wonderful, but I think what is more important is the time you took helping me overcome my initial shyness when I first arrived at your studios. You helped me relax and focus on the reason for wanting the tantric massage in the first place. It was easy to relax after this and I thoroughly enjoyed the tantric experience and felt very moved by the complete massage, both mentally and spiritually. Three days afterwards and I still feel that tingle of well being. Very much recommended and I will book again DAVID THORNE (OAKHAMPTON) 25TH FEBRUARY 

Thank you Katrina for another sublime tantric experience. I have now been to see you over a dozen times and I cannot begin to describe the effect your massage has had on me. I am more relaxed, more in touch with my own body and feel altogether far more sexual when with my wife. I look forward to our next appointment on the 3rd next month. Best wishes as usual ALAN (TORBAY) 20TH FEBRUARY 2014

Gold tantric from Katrina. Simply the best ever. So professional and so talented. I felt more relaxed than I can remember before and left her studios feeling absolutely wonderful. I now really believe in the powers of Tantric massage DON (SALTASH) 16TH FEBRUARY 2014

Thanks for a beautiful massage yesterday Katrina. I still feel on an incredible high and have not experienced anything like this before. I cannot wait until my next appointment. And thanks again TOM (EXETER) 13TH FEBRUARY 2014

I have been to both Katrina and Jon for tantric massage and can thoroughly recommend them for their professional approach and tantric ability. These are the real deal. I recommend the Gold massage from Katrina and the Deluxe massage from Jon. Whether first timers or experienced, these are the best DON S. (DEVON) 5TH FEBRUARY 2014 

Top class! Description does not do this beautiful massage justice. Go for Gold!!! I will certainly be returning next month JONATHAN (EXETER) 4TH FEBRUARY 2014 


Have to agree with other reviews on here. Simply amazing Gold massage from Katrina. I will be back for another very soon DUNCAN ELLIOTT (SALTASH) 24/1/14 

Great tantric massage Katrina. Will book another Gold one soon TIM (EXETER) 13TH DECEMBER 2014

An excellent experience! Both Amanda and myself were a little nervous on arrival but once in the hands of Jon and Katrina that initial apprehension disappeared and we were treated to the most amazing massage experience. The massages were very sensual, very relaxing and made both of us feel greatly more sensually aware of each other than what we could have ever imagined. Where do we go from here? Well for a start we have rebooked for another sensual tantric massage and we intend to continue enjoying this eye opening therapy. Regrets? Yes......we only wish we had discovered tantra before! J & A WALSH (PLYMOUTH) 8TH JANUARY 2014



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