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Only for those who want to push their sensual boundaries 

Welcome to our GOLD DELUXE TANTRIC EXPERIENCES page. This is a massage we  at Devon Tantric Massage for Men have introduced to take the tantric experience we offer our clients to the highest level possible. There are many differences between our regular tantric massages, deluxe massages and our exciting new GOLD TANTRIC MASSAGE. 

This exciting offering is conducted on the floor, on our Tantric futon, instead of on the massage table. This brings both the client and therapist into a much more intimate and sensual experience. Both client and therapist will be initially dressed in tantric robes for the initial beginning of the massage, the breathing and spiritual aspect, before both are undressed by the therapist and the client is treated to an extremely high level of pampering, affection and love as all the sexual energies inside the client are stimulated to create an amazing feeling of closeness, pleasure and well-being unlike anything they will have experienced before.

The very nature of this means that there is almost continual body contact between client and therapist, far in excess of that of a normal tantric massage. Tantric touch is given to the client throughout this tantric journey, with the client remaining in a passive mode, simply enjoying the continual love and attention.

The GOLD DELUXE TANTRIC MASSAGE is extremely sensual from start to finish,but this should in no way be misconstrued as a licence for the client to reciprocate with touch. The object is for the client to be the recipient of between 2 and 3 hours of highly sensual touch to take him/her well beyond the normal boundary of sensuality to experience the true meaning of Tantric love. 

This is a very powerful experience and is only for those that wish to take their own levels of sensuality to a new level. 


Enjoy my Gold Deluxe Plus Massage and experience a higher level of sensuality than anything I have offered before now. This 2 hour massage starts with the client joining me on our tantric futon on the floor where the client will experience my unique sensual touch, ensuring every part of his/her body is slowly and lovingly massaged leaving the client totally relaxed yet stimulated to an extreme level due to the intimacy of the body to body massage. At the end of the massage the client can enjoy a relaxing shower.


Please note under no circumstances does a tantric massage include sexual intercourse!

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